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Evening Coconut
"It's no secret, what everybody knows..."
(Archive 16: 4/14/98 - 6/2/98)

(Rumors, Sightings, Eavesdroppings)

The newest report comes first. Scrolling down takes you backward through time... Note that this report is a log of stuff posted to the Rust List, so some of it may not make a lot of sense when taken out of that context. Subscribe to the Rust List to get ALL of the info...

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From: Derek A Grover <grov0069@tc.umn.edu>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 17:06:39 -0500
Subject: Buffalo Springfield box info

There's some encouraging info on the Muzic.com site about the Buffalo Springfield box set. Says it'll be out "in July..." :)


From: Fmills3@aol.com
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 10:46:05 EDT
Subject: Neil In Tucson

As things turn out, Neil tossed a curveball in the Old Pueblo last week. A friend connected to a local accomodations lodge had learned that Neil was checking in last week, presumably in conjunction with a model train enthusiasts' convention at Davis-Monthan AFB (apparently there's a massive installation in on of the hangers that an officer/train buff began putting together several years ago) held last week. Whether or not that was part of the reason for Neil's visit, we're not sure (but that was the itinerary we presumed).

However, when Emmylou checked in the next morning, it was pretty clear that Neil was in Tucson to record as well, maybe with Linda Ronstadt as well since she's around right now (her family is here). Another friend who learned of their presence as well talked to a studio pal who wouldn't "exactly confirm" things, but wouldn't "strongly deny" it either. They both left Sunday.

So we cruised from studio to studio, stack of LPs on the back seat for autographs and... Just kidding! No, we didn't go doggin' them all over town. Fun enough doing the speculating.
Old Pueblo Flyer

From: Eric Myers <Elric@CLDS.NET>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:33:47 -0400
Subject: Neil Wins Les Paul Award

Just got the latest MIX mag (a pretty technical professional sound publication) and there was an interesting blurb about Neil who, despite the hippie mythos and the ranch and the supposed dislike for digital, has got his fingers in some interesting pies. Anyway, this also may shed some light on whats occupying some of his time lately. Here is part of the blurb...

TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) AWARDS

...Neil Young will receive the Les Paul Award at the 14th Annual Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards to be held September 27, 1998 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

The TEC Hall of Fame was created to recognize individuals whose careers have exemplified the spirit of creative and technical excellence in professional audio.

...The Les Paul Award recognizes individuals or institutions that have set the highest standards in the creative application of technology. This year, the recipient ... will be Neil Young. Since achieving international fame in the early 1970s as a member of CSNY, Young has forged a successful carreer as a solo artist and an innovator in the use of recording technology. Among the first major artists to record in his own studio, Young also owned one of the first digital multitracks in the U.S. Most recently, he has been doing 5.1 (SURROUND SOUND: 5 speakers plus a subwoofer) mixes on a state of the art analog 2-inch 8-track machine.

Note that "5.1" audio music mixing is a major buzzword in the recording industry - it has the ability to place the listener anywhere in the audio spectrum - in the audience, or sitting in the middle of the band as they play. The only CD I know for sure released in 5.1 so far is Fleetwood Macs The Dance. No one is sure where this technology is going.

Maybe Neil has a few surprises up his sleeve and this is why he's taking his own sweet time on rereleasing some material. Can you imagine sitting in the middle of your room, eyes closed, and Neil and Crazy Horse are in the room with you? I hope it happens!

White Falcon

From: lechavarria@sau29.k12.nh.us (Leo Echavarria)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 14:04:11 -0500
Subject: Neil on Much Music

rockontv.com states that Neil and Robbie Robertson will be profiled on a show entitled Cable In The Classroom at 4:00 AM on Wednesday... Set those VCR's,eh?

From: Jacob Balcom <jearl@gte.net>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:48:34 -0700
Subject: M6 release dates?

In response to all the speculation on release dates for the M6 here is my two cents: I just spoke with my WB/Reprise promo rep and he said that the only thing that is STILL holding up the re-release of the Reprise M6 is NEIL (which we already knew..)!

I quote my elloquent rep: "They will come out whenever he makes up his goddamed mind"

They also mentioned Neil's concern about the M6 conflicting with any new recordings he may be planning to release (Insert guffaw here). It didn't seem to be a HDCD or any other remastering concerns just old fashioned Neil weirdness (it's why we love him...Right?)

Old news I know, but straight from the source. But then again.... They didn't know he was recording right now! So who knows....

Please prove me wrong

Moon Dawg Records

From: Fmills3@aol.com
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 23:23:50 EDT
Subject: Springfield Box

Recently got off the horn with an industry pal who gave me a status report on the Buffalo Springfield box set.

There have been preliminary CD-Rs, of the proposed 3-CD set, ready for two years now; Neil, who appears to be the main bandmember with input (if not the sole one -- Stills was cited as being "not involved," in slightly more colorful terms than that, no mention of the others, although Furay's non- involvement strikes me as slightly odd, but maybe there's some connection in relation to the BS book at play in some form here that I'm missing), has yanked these "test pressings" twice already. But he now is reportedly satisfied with the final product, which will be roughly 1/2 unreleased material. (Whew -- consider the prospects of landing dubs of the "early incarnations" of the box's 3 CD-Rs, in light of how Neil routinely scraps total projects in favor of an entirely new vision.)

Ken Viola [sp?], Springfield aficionado extraordinare, and of Springsteen ex-soundman and Dead associate/Garcia pallbearer fame, is doing the liner notes, with project completion slated for July. The 6" x 12" box set is said to be due this fall.

That's all I've heard, so no need to contact me for additional info as there ain't any. But like da man say, damn, dat soun' lak a nice kettle o' fish!

The only other thing that came to mind is: say Neil has actually been heavily involved with doing the Springfield catalog right, then perhaps he prefers to tackle one project finalization at a time. Hey, that's a good work ethic, and now he can move on to the next one. July of '99 sounds like a reasonable Archives month.
Old Pueblo Flyer

From: bobbooey@carroll.com
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 08:45:29 -0400
Subject: Neil on Pop-Up Video

Last weekend I noticed that Pop-Up Vdeo on VH-1 was doing a tribute to Canadian artists so I left it on hoping to see Neil. Sure enough, Rockin' in the Free World came on. It was pretty good. Did anybody else catch it? There were a few digs at Neil, but I was just glad to see him on TV.


From: Nicholas Johansson <nijofue@hem1.passagen.se>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 14:34:45 +0200
Subject: YOTH In Sweden!

Unbelievable! Year Of The Horse will be shown at the filmfestival in Stockholm called Popcorn. The picture will be shown on Wednesday, the third of June, 22:00. The price will be 200 swedish crowns, but that gives you free entrance to all the other films being shown.

It will be shown in a theatre called Sture, which has a pretty big screen, a least it's not a small theatre. Hope they 'crank it up'!

Probably the only chance for us Scandinavians to the see this 'masterpiece' on the big screen! Maybe some Rusties wanna meet and hang out?

Blown Away

From: Ray <pat.dc@hol.fr>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 21:15:36 +0200
Subject: Farm Aid 1996 on French TV

FARM AID 1996 will be broadcast on the French TV Canal Jimmy on Monday, 25 May 98 23.55 heures - and will be re-broadcast on Friday, 29 May 98 02.15 heures.

CiaO et bon weekend Ray"HectiqueGirl"mOOn

From: Glenn Cooper <coopergw@mpx.com.au>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:15:20
Subject: Lanois wants Neil

There was a thread not too long ago about Dan Lanois possibly producing Neil in the future. The latest issue of the Dylan newsletter On The Tracks features a small interview with Lanois conducted by BUZZWeekly on Feb 26, 1998.

Lanois is asked:
Who are some artists you've always wanted to work with?

Lanois replied:
I've always wanted to make a record with Neil Young; he's from my same neighbourhood. I like his spirit, and if we did something I think it might be really good.
Glenn C.

From: Richard Shearer <A055894@MDCPO102.HB.MDC.COM>
Date: Mon, 18 May 98 13:09:00 PDT
Subject: Rock N Roll A to Z

I reported earlier about a show on KLOS that ran for almost 2 weeks in late April into May. They called it Rock'n'Roll A to Z. They finally put out the play list and I extracted the Neil content. Here's all the songs they played by Neil, CSN&Y, BS and S&Y Band. Not necessarily his songs, just his bands. This was posted on their May 11 Rock Report.

  1. After the Gold Rush
  2. Alabama
  3. Almost Cut My Hair
  4. American Dream
  5. Bluebird
  6. Carry On
  7. Cinnamon Girl
  8. Comes A Time
  9. Crime In The City (Sixty to Zero)
  10. Deja vu
  11. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  12. Down By The River
  13. Downtown
  14. Everybody Knows this Is Nowhere
  15. For What Its Worth
  16. Heart of Gold
  17. Helpless
  18. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
  19. Kind Woman
  20. Like A Hurricane
  21. Long May You Run
  22. Mr. Soul
  23. My My Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
  24. Ohio
  25. Old Man
  26. On The Way Home
  27. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  28. Our House
  29. Peace and Love
  30. Powderfinger
  31. Rock N' Roll Woman
  32. Rockin' In The Free World
  33. Southern Man
  34. Sugar Mountain
  35. Teach Your Children
  36. Tell Me Why
  37. The Loner
  38. The Needle and The Damage Done
  39. This Note's For You
  40. Throw Your Hatred Down
  41. Unknown Legend
  42. When You Dance I Can Really Love
  43. Woodstock
Rick 'proto-rustie'

Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 13:07:35 EDT
Subject: No TFA from BMG Music Club

Got this response from Reprise:

> Subject: Re: BMG selling Neil's "Time Fades Away" on CD?
> Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 13:07:35 EDT
> From: ToReprise 
> To: reactor@hyperrust.org
> david,
>    that album hasn't been re-released yet.
> it isn't on our schedule with a date either.
> it must be a mistake on their part.

From: Michael J. Campion <rykosnd@redrose.net>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 23:13:42 -0400
Subject: TFA from BMG Music Club?

Time Fades Away [NL]LABEL: Reprise[NL]SELECTION NUMBER: 1109503[NL][NL]Click an item's price to add it to your cart:[NL]

Here's what it says:

Finally available on CD, this remastered live tour recording from '73 features urgent rock anthem Don't Be Denied plus Last Dance and more.
Mike Campion AKA: Rustie Ryko

HyperRust Editor's Note: To add to the "mystery", see their selection "1109495"...

From: Aaron Mark Lieber <aml7y@server2.mail.virginia.edu>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 17:10:47 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: garth brooks plays neil?

i was watching seinfeld last night (along with the rest of america) when a commercial came on for a garth brooks box set (nothing with bon scott though). and then it said:

"featuring his new single from the movie [yada yada yada]" and garth was playing feel my love (from american dream) a sort of rare neil track. pretty cool.
-mood code

From: Jacob Balcom <jearl@gte.net>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 13:09:12 -0700
Subject: Everybody's Rockin'

Geffen has set the re-release date for Everybody's Rockin' for 6/30/98. It'll retail for $10.99 (US). No more spendy imports for us Americans! This info comes straight from the catalog of a major CD distributor and was added to the upcoming releases today (sounds legit!). Will keep an eye out for future re-releases.

Moon Dawg Records

Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 12:37:26 -0400
Subject: Neil on FaLiLV Soundtrack

Expecting To Fly (original version with Buffalo Springfield) is included on the sountrack for the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
. . . RE*AC*TOR

From: bhodgson@linkbelt.com (Bill Hodgson)
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:36:16 -0400
Subject: Trains & Books

I just found this on the Muzic.com site.

Reclusive Young Rides The Toy Rails

He often dreams of trains. Neil Young seems to have sworn off personal appearances this year, including touring: in fact, we hear his guitar techs have already hired themselves out for the summer. Plus, when we called the Youngster's label rep, he told us in no uncertain terms that "Neil is not working this year, except for the Bridge Concert of course." So who are we to argue, despite all the rumors whirling through cyberspace about a Lionel Train Tour?

However, in spite of his reclusiveness, Young did venture out to the Toy Train Museum in Pennsylvania, attending a ceremony to celebrate the US Postal Service's issuing of a stamp to commemorate Lionel toy trains, the company he bought three years ago. Never loquacious at the best of times, the guitarist told onlookers how "fantastic" this was. "I love the company and I love its heritage...it is a great American thing." A huge compliment, considering Young is a Canadian citizen. Lionel Trains will be 100 years old in 2000, and we understand that Neil is planning a huge bash.

And then there's all the fireworks he'll set off when his official biography finally hits the stands in 1999. Author Jimmy McDonough is almost finished with the writing, and has submitted almost three-quarters of the tome to his publisher. Now all that is left is for the very private Young to read and approve the manuscript. So does that mean we can expect the tome about the same time that Decades 2 is released? -Jaan Uhelszki

Bill Hodgson

Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 17:44:24 -0400
Subject: VH1 down on Neil?

The goof-ball who does those top-10 countdowns on VH1 (in this case "Top 10 Party Songs") just played Super Freak, and afterward said something like:

"Rick James was once in a band with Neil Young. That's right, Neil Young. Not the funkiest guy around. Unless you're talking about his body odor."
Those guys must still be holding a grudge over the RockHall thing...
. . . RE*AC*TOR . . . . . . :-)

From: Linda Chgo <LindaChgo@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 17:34:12 EDT
Subject: Neil is everywhere...

Hey All...... Here's another "Neil is Everywhere" story for you guys.......

My 15 year old son, the Nickster, recently had oral surgery to have his 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. OUCH!!!! And if any of you out there have had the experience, it sure isn't pleasant AFTERWARDS (ya look like a chipmunk for days!). However, coming down from the intravenous general anesthesia is a real trip in itself. The Nickster came out of it exclaiming that he was Neil Young, and began singing, at the top of his lungs, so loud that it could be heard in the reception area, Hey Hey, My My! When he finally was coherent enough to go home, a patient remarked as we were headed out the door, "I'll take some of whatever he had!" Think I might've brainwashed him! Of course, he denies this ever happened now!

little wing }

From: "Roger Kaufman" >otto13@capital.net<
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 23:34:45 -0400
Subject: Howard Stern and Neil

My, my. I get through a 130 e-mails and I'm surprised no one posted anything about what Howard Stern said about Neil this morning. In case you weren't listening, (and from the looks of it, you haven't:), Howard and the crew were coming back from a commercial break and they were playing Type O Negative's cover of Cinnamon Girl. Howard said, "Man, Neil Young is depressing as all Hell." Then there was a moment or two of silence and then he says, "That's why I love him. He can make me feel something emotional." After that, he got back to doing the show. It was just a little thing; an aside more than anything else but it was pretty cool. I mean, Howard, a man who just about admits that he respects no one, admits he respects--No, that he 'loves' Neil.


From: bhodgson@linkbelt.com (Bill Hodgson)
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 12:39:08 -0400
Subject: Neil vs. Lynryd Skynyrd

Sunday on MTV at 10 p.m. Eastern is MTV Ultra Sound: Rock and Roll Feuds:

"Through archival footage, TV clips and interviews with the artists themselves, Rock N' Roll Feuds takes viewers through the colorful feuding and spats that have occurred between bands and artists, including Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dr. Dre and Easy E, Axl Rose and Vince Neil, Van Halen and frontman David Lee Roth, Keith Richards and Elton John, and the Gallagher brothers of Oasis; also the tragic East Coast/West Coast rivalry between the late Notorious B.I.G. and the late Tupac Shakur; artists interviewed include Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Keith Richards, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Fleetwood Mac, Kiss and The Eagles."
I'm sure the truth will now be told.

Bill Hodgson

From: Jim Beller <jbeller@vsurf.net>
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 12:43:04 -0700
Subject: Neil on Willie Album

Hey, I just got the "CD Extra" part of Willie's new release to work. It crashed my computer at home, but here at work it runs. The surprise -- a video clip of Neil speaking from Farm Aid ('95?)!!

From: Dave Fielder <dmf@easynet.on.ca>
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 09:52:25 -0400
Subject: Bob & Neil University

It looks like, at least in Toronto, Neil's music is being taken *very* seriously. What I'm referring to is a course being offered at the University of Toronto. It's an undergraduate Humanities seminar entitled Two Songwriters: Bob Dylan & Neil Young.

Here's the description from the English Dept. handbook:

In this course, we shall study various aspects of the work of two of the most enduring figures in popular music in the last thirty-five years, using various perspectives from literary, cultural, and popular music studies. Both Dylan and Young released their earliest records in the sixties (1962 in Dylan's case, 1967 in the case of Young's work with Buffalo Springfield); each has continued to record and tour extensively up to this time. While focusing on them as popular songwriters, we shall also attempt to place their work in a variety of contexts. For Dylan, this will require looking at, for example, the Village in New York as a literary and cultural site, the 'folk revival' of the early sixties, and the impact of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war on American culture and society; for Young, the Toronto and L.A. music scenes and the rise of the 'counterculture' in the 1960s. We shall also pay some attention to the impact of their music. In Dylan's case, this might involve looking at the relationship between him and groups such as the Beatles and the Byrds; in Young's, of his ongoing dialogue with trends as wide-ranging as country-rock, punk, and American alternative music.
I have a pretty good idea what THAT lecture hall will smell like. Dammit, why didn't they have courses like that when I went to school?


From: Bob Johnson <robertjj@midplains.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 20:45:24 -0500
Subject: MAD TV

Bruce Haemmerle <bph27@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Anyone catch Mad TV last weekend? There was a
> song dedicated to Neil Young about a janitor. It mainly
> pissed me off because it wasn't at all funny. The only
> Neil reference I could figure was that they tried to
> sing out of their natural range in a winey voice, and
> Frank Black played a harmonica note. I thought SNL
> was going downhill .... guess MAD TV wants to follow.....
> sB
Ya, I saw it too. They introduced the piece by saying they were going to do it like Neil would. Which meant of course, they all sang in falsetto. But despite it being very bad, they did call Neil the "King of Canadian rock 'n' roll."


Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 14:50:24 -0400
Subject: Neil got a haircut...

...I think. Or it might just be tied back. Here's a recent pic.
. . . RE*AC*TOR

From: Chuck Singer" <chuck@goofy.interface.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:51:20 EST
Subject: Columbia House

Their "Album Spotlight" this month is The Bridge School Concerts Vol 1.

Has a picture of Neil in a white dress shirt, wrinkled and untucked with some kind of detective hat & shades.

Pegi is mentioned in the blurb as is the fact that money goes to the school

On the flip side of the flyer, they are offering Broken Arrow and SWA for $1.99. They are selling Decade for $2.99. I wonder if they are clearing the shelves of Decade to prevent competition with the boxed set? :)

From: Erik LeShane <crazyhorse@nwu.edu>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 01:03:31 -0500
Subject: New Album News!!!!!!!

Sonicnet has a report on the making of the new album. Check it out folks...

It ends with...

When asked what the material already recorded sounds like, (Elliott) Roberts, who is not one to talk prematurely about an unfinished Neil Young album, quipped, "It's fabulous. It's unbelievable. Great song after great song after great song. Don't ever call me again."
-that crazy clown

From: Jeremy R. Bierlein <34L4PMD@CMUVM.CSV.CMICH.EDU>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 98 16:56:49 EDT
Subject: Greg Allman on Neil

Current Acoustic Guitar World has this quote from Greg Allman about his acoustic work...

Q...What influenced your direction?

GA - Stuff like the Byrds, Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield. They were fabulous, especially Neil. I can't tell you how much Expecting to Fly and Broken Arrow inspired me. In fact, the last time I saw Neil, I looked him right in the eye and said "man, are you ever gonna play those songs again? Because they deserve to be heard by everyone." Expecially Expecting to Fly. What a melody! That, to me, is a piece of art as profound as anything Rembrandt or Michelangelo ever did. And it certainly is as potent as Sgt. Pepper. It's just always been that way for me. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Pretty cool huh!?!?

Harpoon Dodger

From: FL <csny@iol.it>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:32:05 +0200
Subject: New covers and tribute(s)

I received this from Tom Stevens, former member of Long Ryders:

"Work on a new CD resumes in May; working title is Shotgun Flowers. Assisting the process is Doug Harsch on guitar and backing vocals, and Steve Gee on drums. Six songs are finished, including a cover of Neil Young's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, now available on Neil Young - Under Cover 3 and will be available on a Neil Young Tribute CD to benefit the Bridge School later this year."

From: Barend Hoogteijling <BDHOOBA@tilburg.nl>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:26:10 +0200
Subject: Neil is everywhere

Yesterday on a Dutch TV-quiz there was Neil. :) It's a quiz where the ask you a question and they give you 16 answers, only 11 of them are correct. The question was: "Which artists or groups come from Canada". The first answer was of course Neil Young. :)

Today my girl-friend who dislikes Neil, yes that's possible :(, heard Neil's "new single" on the radio (Studio Brussel from Belgium). Turns out it was a live version of Slowpoke.

Nothing's Perfect

From: Sam Carstens <icysky@computerpro.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:33:48 -0500
Subject: New album radio rumors

A Duluth radio station told the story bout how Neil's submitted album didn't cut it, but that the label's spokesperson denied the truth in this matter and Neil had "no comment".

ANOTHER Duluth radio station said that the hold up on the new album is that they are trying to decide whether it's Crazy Horse or solo.

Not Necessarily Stoned

From: RAWLZ@aol.com
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 01:12:16 EDT
Subject: Nitzche on Neil

In the New Times newspaper (April 9-15, 1998 / Vol. 3 No. 15) out of Los Angeles, the Music Performance column by Harvey Kubernik featured Jack Nitzsche. For example...

.....He arranged Neil Young's Expecting to Fly for the Buffalo Springfield, and later had a stint as pianist in Crazy Horse. (When I was part of the band, it wasn't Crazy Horse," he says. "I sort of took over and became the producer and made them sound much better than they actually were.")

......He joined the Stray Gators, Neil Young's backing band, for a 1972 tour he later described as "torture."

.....There was even brief talk about working again with Neil Young.

"I told him to start writing songs like you used to when you had (epileptic) seizures," Nitzsche says. "And he said, 'I'll do my best.' And he wrote songs then that lent themselves to turning into something special. And I wanted him to do that. So I went up to see him a few times. We talked and we played around, did stuff. I gave him what I wanted to do and he was very excited. But he came up with two songs and neither one of them have got it. I told him the truth. And that was the end of me as producer. Anyway, he's too rich to listen."

Good to see even the great ones get knocked a bit... I got a kick out of it anyhow.

Garrick Rawlings
Hermosa Beach, CA

From: Curtis Vigg <CURT@LNOCA.OHIO.GOV>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 16:10:19 -0500
Subject: Neil Tribute in Cleveland

To all fellow Neil fans... The Neil Young Tribute band Ragged Glory from the Cleveland area will be playing at locations near Cleveland. Members of the band:

Members of this band will be playing at the RockHall Fest in Cleveland on Friday, June 26th. See you there!

Public gigs:

If more directions are needed or if you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Curt Vigg - Ragged Glory

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