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News Flash
Tue., Sep 16, 1997
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Neil Joins CSN at the Fillmore

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--> Peter Hoelter's eye-witness report.
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--> SF Chronicle - Mentioned within local news briefs.

CSNY Again
early report by Patrick Ducks Mead

I just received word that Neil appeared on stage tonight with Crosby Stills & Nash at the Fillmore in San Francisco and performed with them on Ohio and Carry On. My eyewitness source described the performance as "sublime"... I am certain other Rusties will surface to report impressions...


Pure heaven...
eye-witness report by Peter Hoelter

And somewhere in the middle of a roaring Ohio, on the second night at the Fillmore I wondered why would Crosby, Stills and Nash be playing a Neil Young? And then I knew why...

I heard the crowd before I saw the man. But there he was in a corduroy jacket and a farmer's cap. Taking the chorus with Stills on Stephen's mic, turning to hug Graham, sliding over to hug Crosby and then back to share Nash's mike.

When the dust settled off of Ohio, the road-eye brought out a big white guitar. Neil slipped off the cap and strapped on his guitar while Stills hammered out the opening chords of Carry On. Nash was on the edge of the stage urging the audience to cover the chorus, while Stills was just beaming with obvious affection for Young. Neil faced him the whole time, except when he took his solos. Crosby just smiled with his eyes closed, his face turned up towards wherever.


(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)





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