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News Flash
Mon., Mar 5, 2001
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A Juno for Neil: Best Male Artist

At the 30th Juno Awards ceremony last night in Hamilton, Ontario, Neil took the Best Male Artist award for his work in the year 2000. (If you're unfamiliar with the Juno awards, they're Canada's equivalent to the US Grammy Awards.) Over the history of the Junos (since the awards were founded in 1975) Neil has been nominated over 20 times. He's now been awarded three of them.

Neil's previous Juno awards were for "Male Vocalist of the Year" in 1995, and for "Album of the Year" for Harvest Moon in 1994.

Neil was also nominated this year in the "Best Roots & Traditional Album - Solo" category for his album Silver & Gold. The winner in that category was Jenny Whiteley, for her self-titled album.

Ahead of the awards show, there was some disagreement in the predictions of who'd carry the Best Male Artist category. For example, the Winnipeg Sun predicted:

Should win: Neil Young.

Will win: Snow, because Young continually snubs the Junos and the voters remember.

But the Edmonton Sun did better with their prediction for the category:
Nicola Ciccone, Jesse Cook, Sylvain Cossette, Snow and Neil Young -- Good God, what a motley crew we have here: A flamenco guitarist with an exceedingly large forehead, an aging grunge God with hedgehogs attached to the sides of his face, a former white rap star who looks like Robert De Niro and two guys no one outside of Quebec has ever heard of. I'd like to think the Junos would honour the youngster here, but Snow's sideburns are no match for Neil Young's. The old guy wins.
After last night's ceremony, though most press reports were fairly neutral or positive about Neil's Juno, the Toronto Sun echoed a sentiment heard at this year's Grammy awards:
HUH? Best Male Artist: Neil Young. What's with this obsession with the past? Maybe he should tour with Steely Dan.
Obviously the Sun writer has paid no attention to Neil's dozens of albums of material over the period between the last two Steely Dan albums, and his three albums, two DVDs and two successful tours with two different bands over the last year or so. Hard to consider recognition of him as any kind of an obsession with "the past"...











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