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News Flash: Tue., Nov 27, 2001 Direct bookmark: http://HyperRust.org/News/?f-LetsRoll
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Let's Roll : A song for Flight 93

Last night at 10pm in Los Angeles, legendary KLOS radio personality Jim Ladd opened his show with Neil's Days That Used To Be, and announced that later he would be playing something new from Neil. After playing Rockin' In The Free World and taking a break, he introduced the new song: Let's Roll.

The mid-tempo song, with something of a groove, had Neil performing with a variation of Booker T and the MGs. The band featured Booker T, Duck Dunn and drummer Steve Potts, but Frank "Poncho" Sampedro took the place of Steve Cropper.

Unfortunately details of the lyrics of song aren't available (at the time this report is being written), except that it's a tribute to the heroic travelers on Flight 93, who fought back against the hijackers who had turned the plane around and were heading for Washington DC, and lost their lives when the terrorists intentionally crashed the plane. During one of the cell-phone calls from the plane, the last words heard before contact was lost was "Let's Roll".

Jim explained how the recording was a rough mix of the song that had just been written and recorded last Wednesday. Neil's manager Elliot Roberts had brought it by because Neil felt that it was important that it be heard now. It's not clear when it will be released, but there's a good chance it'll be played on the upcoming CSNY "Tour of America".

The first time Jim played the song, he segued it into Find The Cost Of Freedom. He played it again later during his show, following it up with Stand And Be Counted. Most likely the recording was NOT left with the radio station, so it's unclear when or where this song will surface again. Stay tuned...

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      Let's Roll
    by Neil Young

    I know I said I love you,
    I know you know it's true,
    I got to put the phone down,
    And do what we gotta do.

    One's standing in the aisle way,
    Two more at the door,
    We got to get inside there,
    Before they kill some more.

    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.
    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.

    No time for indecision,
    We got to make a move,
    I hope that we're forgiven,
    For what we gotta do.

    How this all got started,
    I'll never understand,
    I hope someone can fly this thing,
    Get us back to land.

    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.
    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.

    No one has the answers,
    But one thing is true,
    You got to turn on evil,
    When it's comin' after you.

    You got to face it down,
    And when it tries to hide,
    You got to go in after it,
    And never be denied.

    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.

    Let's roll for freedom,
    Let's roll for love,
    Goin' after Satan,
    On the wings of a dove.

    Let's roll for justice,
    Let's roll for truth,
    Let's not let our children,
    Grow up fearful in their youth.

    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.
    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.
    Time is runnin' out, let's roll.

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  • Thanks to "Surf City" Paul D for his notes that helped with this report.





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