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News Flash: Mon., Sep 3, 2001 Direct bookmark: http://HyperRust.org/News/?f-NYASreturn
(updated )

A Good Day For Rusties:
NYAS Returns!

Back in April came the bad news that Alan Jenkins had reluctantly had to shut down the Neil Young Appreciation Society and discontinue publication of its magazine, Broken Arrow. It was depressing news for Rusties everywhere.

But then in June came the good news that long-time NYAS member Scott Sandie would take on the herculean task of reviving the NYAS and resuming publication of Broken Arrow. Now, in September, those who have taken advantage of Scott's call for re-instatement of their NYAS membership are reaping the first fruits of the harvest...

Issue 83 of Broken Arrow has been shipped to the members of Neil Young Appreciation Society and has begun to arrive in the mailboxes of members all over the world. If you haven't received yours yet, you will shortly...

This excellent 68-page issue includes extensive coverage of Eurotour í01, an exclusive from John Einarson on the Buffalo Springfield Box Set, and a radical new policy on bootlegs. It also includes an analysis of the current membership, a fresh look at Homegrown, a look back at Broken Arrow's first issue (August 1981) and a new initiative to involve Rusties more directly in NYAS.

The issue is fully illustrated with some exclusive photos. It's a fascinating read -- not to be missed. If you haven't restored your membership in the Neil Young Appreciation Society, or signed up as a new member, donít wait any longer -- sign up now!

For now, the details about signing up are provided in Scott's June letter. But very soon a new, improved Official NYAS Website will be on-line, and the link will be provided here (and from other places on HyperRust) for your convenience.

...Here's that link...!

Thanx much, Scott. Looking forward to the NEXT twenty years of Broken Arrow...











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