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News Flash
Mon., Mar 15, 1999
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Neil Young Inducts Paul McCartney
Into Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

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Neil inducts Paul
Reuters Photo.

Tonight it took a double-Hall of Famer to induct another. Neil Young, a solo inductie (1995) and also inducted as a member of the legendary Buffalo Springfield (1997), took a break from his current solo tour to travel to New York to induct Paul McCartney into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame for a second time, as an individual artist. Paul had also been inducted with the rest of The Beatles over ten years ago (1988).

After a stirring evening of inductions, including Bono's lively induction of Bruce Springsteen, Neil took the stage at about 11pm. During his speech, Neil told of how his first public performance, in his school's cafeteria, was of the song made popular by The Beatles: Money (That's What I Want). He spoke of how impressed he was at the way Paul was later able to move beyond The Beatles. "Out he stepped from the shadow of the Beatles, and there he was. It kind of blew my mind. I think he'll be remembered hundreds of years from now for the work that he did."

Neil also said, "I have a lot of respect for Paul for keeping a great family together," This was followed by a short film spanning Paul's career.

Sir Paul then took the stage, telling the audience that he wished Linda were with him. He then invited to the stage his "date" -- his daughter Stella. Se wore a sleeveless t-shirt with a quote: "It's about fucking time." Presumably this referred to the 11 years it took to induct Paul as an individual.

Paul said "I love Cleveland because Cleveland gave me Linda's Mom and I love New York because New York gave me Linda!"

Raising his Hall of Fame statuette, he said, "I would have liked my baby to share this with me. She wanted this. This one's for you, baby!"

NOTE: An edited version of the ceremony will be broadcast on VH1 on Wednesday, March 17 at 9pm EST.













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