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News Flash
Sat., Mar 18, 2000
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Neil Visits Austin
for Silver & Gold Premier

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Late in Neil's critically acclaimed 1999 Solo Tour, he played two dates at Austin's Bass Concert Hall. The two shows were the longest of the tour, and featured all but one of the unreleased songs that will be included on the forthcoming album Silver And Gold. At the time of those shows it was revealed that they were being taped for possible future release to document the tour. There was some talk about the video being used as a TV special, but that never came off.

Subsequently Neil turned his energies toward his colaboration with CSN on the Looking Forward album and the CSNY2K tour, and the release of Neil's own material was sidetracked. Earlier this year, the release of his own Silver And Gold album was finally set (originally for May 16, later moved up to April 25) and it was revealed that the video resulting from the Austin shows would be released under the same Silver And Gold title, on the same day as the album.

Recently it was announced that the video would first premier publicly at Austin's annual South By Southwest Festival (a.k.a., SXSW). The premier was set for Friday, March 17 -- a date falling between CSNY2K shows in Charlotte, North Carolina and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thus it was a real surprise when it was reported that Neil would hop down to Austin after the Charlotte show to attend the screening and catch up with the tour in Pittsburgh. By Friday morning Neil was in Austin.

On Friday, Neil recorded an interview with Austin's KGSR radio that was played locally and over the net early Friday Evening. That evening, Neil attended the screening. Below you will find Rustie reports on the interview and the screening...

Brent Hinson's Interview Report

Just got done listening to the radio interview of Neil in Austin. They played five of the songs from Silver & Gold -- Razor Love, Good To See You, Silver & Gold, Great Divide, and Buffalo Springfield Again.

The interviewer compared the song Silver & Gold to early Macca solo material and asked Neil if he and Paul McCartney would ever work together. Neil said something to the effect that "the door is open, and Paul knows that". Cool.

IMHO, the best song they played was Great Divide. Nice, driving drumbeat on this one, very catchy. Silver & Gold was also great, solo acoustic, carbon copy of what we heard on the 99 tour. The sound quality over the internet was not exactly perfect, but I think the strength of the songs showed through.

Neil seemed a little bit uncomfortable during the interview, rambled a little bit, but it's not like he does many interviews, so this was great to listen to.

Can't wait for S&G. From the songs I heard, I would compare it a lot more to Harvest and a lot less to Harvest Moon or Comes A Time. It has prominent drums on most tracks, which may turn some people off, but I like it.

A man of the people

Michael Raney's Video Premier Report

I just returned from the World Premiere of the Silver And Gold Video here in Austin, Texas.

LA Johnson introduced the film. It was described as "digital projection."

He mentioned Bernard Shakey, but said "He doesn't travel with us."

Neil was in attendance, but very low key, he did not say anything.

Filmed in May, 1999 at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Texas, this is the video's songlist:

  • Looking Forward
  • Out of Control   [YES!!!]
  • Buffalo Springfield Again
  • Philadelphia
  • Daddy Went Walkin'
  • Distant Camera
  • Red Sun
  • Long May You Run   [on pump organ]
  • Harvest Moon
  • Great Divide
  • Slowpoke
  • Good to See You Again
  • Silver and Gold
The last song was Neil playing solo in the studio, while the credits rolled.


Omar Zia's Video Premier Report

It was a cold evening in Austin, but I took my SXSW movie pass down to the Paramount Theater and stood in line for Silver and Gold. I got there 2 hours early, but that proved unnecessary. Everyone that wanted in got it.

The whole balcony looked cordoned off. It was announced before the film that there was no one who embodied the creative spirit of SXSW better than Neil. The introducer also mentioned that Neil and Elliot were both in the house... I presume on the balcony...

Then Larry (LA) Johnson came out and introduced the movie. I've met Larry several times. He's a really nice guy who moves with fervor and purpose. Oh, yeah... LA made a joke that there was a third person who couldn't make it -- Bernard Shakey. ...A few people laughed.

The movie was basically a digital projection (from DVD I suppose). It took a while to get used to it since I had never seen a DVD projected on a regular movie screen before. The pixels were all annoyingly visible. I could not help but think that Neil would have been furious to see himself this way.

But the video's performances and recording were incredible. I count myself as lucky to have been in the audience for both of the Bass shows where S&G was filmed.

As the video ends, the credits roll over a clip of Neil recording Silver And Gold in his home studio. I guess he used that because he wasn't satisfied with his performance of the song at Bass.

At the end, Neil stood up and waved. Pegi was with him....

Lone Red Rider

Fred Old Pueblo Flyer Mills' Report

I made it to SXSW in Austin. I got to see the premiere of Neil's film on Friday night at the Paramount. Very nice -- about an hour long, filmed on the solo tour in Austin (heavy on new material on that album).

It's an all-digital thingie too, not "film" per se I guess, so the quality is staggering. At the end is a quirky little video for the song Silver and Gold, just a static shot of Neil running through the tune in the corner of the recording studio.

Neil and Pegi were in the balcony and got an ovation. He popped into the reception very briefly afterwards (I didn't go to that). Turns out that Elliot was coming to Austin to do an interview panel thing at the conference and invited Neil along. Neil also did four interviews while there, including one with a friend of mine who works for Addicted To Noise. Neil was quite gracious, he said, and despite only getting a half-hour interview, he felt that he got some good quotes from Neil. So look for that on the ATN site soon.

Neil and Pegi were also staying at the same hotel as I, The Driskill. Didn't spot 'em however.
Old Pueblo Flyer

Bill Davis' Report

Saw Neil and Pegi at the S&G premier in Austin at the Paramount Theatre on Friday,March 17.

Film was great, especially for those who attended one or both shows from which film was made. Surprising that film was not sold out, especially since local columnist had mentioned in the newspaper that Neil would be attending. Many empty seats in theatre.

Peg and Neil attended subsequent reception in upper lobby. Passes only, but no big entourage. The crowd very respectful and low key.

Neil and Peg emerged from the theatre onto the street a few minutes later, with no entourage. People began to notice and say greetings, etc (which were not acknowledged). They walked to the curb and Neil opened the door of a champagne Cadillac Eldorado and helped Peg in the passenger side. He then walked around and before getting in the drivers seat finally acknowledged the crowd (which was beginning to applaud) with a smile and a wave. A bunch more people piled in the Caddy, among them screenwriter Bill Witliff, (I think it was his car) and they drove off with Neil at the wheel.

Before they had reached the car I was able to pat Neil on the shoulder and say "thanks for the music." And I meant it.

Bill Still's Follow-up

According to the Austin newspaper, Neil went from the premiere of Silver & Gold over to The Broken Spoke, to catch Jimmie Dale Gilmore's set.

-Bill (head still reeling from the Austin scene)





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