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News Flash
Tue., May 30, 2000
Full Pr.Rel. added: Wed., May 31, 2000
Schedule added: Wed., June 7, 2000
Reviews added: Thu., June 15, 2000
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Neil "Legends" Coming to VH1

VH1 press release and commentary provided by Jeff Gemmill

Original VH1 Press Release:
Premiering on Thursday, June 15 from 10-11PM, Legends: Neil Young celebrates the career of one of rock's most enigmatic artists. This show follows Neil Young's career from his childhood in Canada, to his years with the Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and his solo recordings.

An artist who is rarely interviewed, Neil Young speaks candidly about his parents, his wives and his children, and how his life can be heard through his music.

This episode includes rare photographs and archival footage from Neil Young's years with the Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and as a solo artist (with and without Crazy Horse), as well as new performances from the recent CSNY2K reunion tour. Music from Mr. Young's entire career is included in this episode of VH1 Legends, including tracks from his newest release, Silver and Gold.

Immediately following Legends is the debut of his Silver and Gold concert special.

Last night I had the opportunity to view the Legends: Neil Young program that VH1 will be airing on June 15th. Well worth the investment of time. Neil, Crosby & Nash are all interviewed, great footage of Neil, CSNY, etc., both present and past. Don't miss it.

Regarding the "Silver and Gold concert special", according to VH1 it's "a live concert shot in Austin, Texas, during his 1999 solo acoustic tour," and "captures Young as he performs dozens {dozens???} of new and classic songs, including Looking Forward, Philadelphia, Long May You Run, Silver & Gold and Harvest Moon". Sounds a lot like the Silver & Gold video...

There's been some concern about whether the Neil Young Legends show is going to show.

Have faith...

I have the press release above on my desk at work. It came accompanied by a photo (slide) of Neil taken by Pegi. I have VH1's schedule--the one sent to the TV listings magazines, most of which are at the printers now. Looking ahead, VH1 also has Legends: Neil Young scheduled twice during the week of June 26th. On that Monday night (the 26th) it'll run at 11:30pm, followed by Legends: CSNY and the Storytellers with our Boys. The Silver & Gold showing is only scheduled that once (June 15th at 11pm) following the premier show of Legends: Neil Young.

I've also seen the Legends program in question. I won't spoil anyone's fun by relaying quotes, etc... Well, okay, just one.

David Crosby: "Neil just shot right by us. After The Gold Rush? We couldn't even see his dust. He is, to this day, bigger by himself than the three of us are together."
Okay, let's do two.
Neil: "Everything about my life has been pretty extreme when you really think about it."
My main quibble with the program is that, like with any video bio, it's a tad difficult to compress a person's life into 44 minutes (about what's left in an hour program after commercials). And a few facts are presented out of order... All in all, though, it's very well done. It didn't give me any new info, but it deepened my appreciation of the man.

Like I said, have faith. It will be on.

Extended VH1 Press Release of May 31:

Latest Edition Of VH1 Series Features
Exclusive Interviews With Neil Young;
New Concert Film Silver & Gold,
Capturing Young Onstage In 1999,
Premieres Immediately After Legends

NEW YORK, NY, May 31, 2000 -- “Everything about my life has been pretty extreme, when you think about it,” says Neil Young, in his typically understated manner.

One of the most successful rock singer-songwriter-guitarists of all time, Neil Young has been an integral part of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and a solo star for 30 years. He’s also suffered more than his share of personal troubles, battled through polio and epilepsy, and helped his wife and children through their own difficult medical struggles.

For the first time, Neil Young speaks candidly and in depth about his personal life and brings new insight to his vast catalog of music in the latest edition of the VH1 series “Legends: Neil Young” premiering on Thursday, June 15 from 10:00-11:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

Highlighted by rare performance footage of hits like Helpless, Ohio, Down by the River, Old Man, Like a Hurricane, Hey Hey My My and Rockin’ in the Free World,Legends: Neil Young” uncovers the personal story behind the intensely private artist in revealing, newly recorded first-person interviews with Young, as well as David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. Young recounts his four-decade musical odyssey from his earlier memberships in Buffalo Springfield and CSNY to his own extensive solo career (including his many lives with the band Crazy Horse), and also talks about the darkest days of his life, such as how he coped when two of his children were born with severe handicaps.

Neil Young on his epilepsy: “The first time I remember having a seizure, I was 20, in Hollywood. It’s part of my makeup. And there’s something about it that’s part of me. I know it’s not gone. It’s just not manifesting itself the way it was.”

On his early adulthood: “Susan, my first wife, was a wonderful lady. She was older than I was, and I really wasn’t grown-up enough for her. It took me a long time to grow up because all my growing-up time was spent on music. All the other things suffered for it.”

On recording Harvest in 1972: “For most of the record, I had my back in a brace, and I ultimately ended up having surgery and getting it fixed. I had a couple slipped discs, and if I moved the wrong way, it hurt. But the music just kept on going anyway. It’s a good example of not letting something get in the way of a musical idea.”

On walking away from his famous bands: “I can be a team player, but I won’t be a team player unless I can play my game. If you have to compromise what you’re doing too much, or lay back too much on something you want to do to be part of a team... I’m not a good player there.”

On his personal travails: “I’ve had a lot of things happen to me that people think are ‘one-lifetime’ events - you know, when your house burns down, something like that. A lot of that’s happened to me.”

In addition, Graham Nash testifies about Young’s propensity for suddenly breaking away from planned tours and recording dates, explaining, “One of the reasons why some of the albums never got made and some of the tours didn’t go off was because he has no toleration for bull. Very little. Zero. If we’re not giving 100% to the music, he’s gone.” And David Crosby assesses what is perhaps Young’s ultimate appeal, concluding, “You can’t predict Neil. No one except Neil can tell you what Neil’s going to do next week. And I like that about him.”

The debut of “Legends: Neil Young” will be followed immediately by Silver & Gold, premiering from 11:00p.m.-midnight (ET/PT). A live concert shot in Austin, Texas, during his 1999 solo acoustic tour, Silver & Gold captures Young as he performs dozens {dozens??} of new and classic songs, including Looking Forward, Philadelphia, Long May You Run, Silver & Gold and Harvest Moon.

Legends: Neil Young” is a production of VH1. Executive producer, Bill Flanagan; producer, Angela Quilala; narrated by William Baldwin.

Initial Broadcast Schedule:

    (all times Eastern)

  • 10pm, Thursday, June 15
    ...followed by Silver & Gold Concert

  • Midnight, Friday, June 16 (that's THURSDAY NIGHT)

  • 11:30pm, Monday, June 19

  • Noon, Thursday, June 22

  • 8:00pm, Monday, June 26

--> A New York Daily News review.





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