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News Flash
Wed., Feb 24, 1999
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Neil Receives Patrick Lippert Award
from the Rock The Vote Organization

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FARM AID co-founder Neil Young wins
1999 Patrick Lippert Rock the Vote Award

(FARM AID; MTV Networks - 2/23/1999 at 14:41:42)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- MTV Networks' Rock the Vote honored FARM AID Co-founder Neil Young and his wife Pegi Young today for their activism. Neil Young, an outspoken supporter of family farmers, was recognized at Rock the Vote's 6th Annual Patrick Lippert Awards at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Both Neil Young and Pegi Young were cited for their work with the Bridge School, a program for the communicative and educational development of children with severe speech and physical impairments.

Along with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp, Neil Young organized the first FARM AID concert in 1985, and has continued to serve on its board of directors. The three co-founders anchor every FARM AID concert. The longest-running of the "concerts for causes," FARM AID has created an ongoing support network for family farmers.

"At every FARM AID concert, I count on Neil to speak his mind. Neil doesn't hold back when he blasts factory farms for polluting the water and soil. He's not afraid to point out Washington's farm policy failures. He's got courage, and I'm glad he's getting this award," said FARM AID president Willie Nelson.

"Neil, Willie and I are not guys who give up easily. FARM AID is our way of fighting for family farmers." said John Mellencamp.

"I hope this award helps put a spotlight on family farmers who struggle so hard to hold onto the land," said FARM AID Executive Director Carolyn Mugar. "Rock the Vote's new focus on community activism is exactly what FARM AID promotes. The only way we'll save family farms is when people say 'no' to factory farms and insist on safe food grown locally by family farmers."

Mugar lauded Neil Young and his co-founders for their longstanding commitment. "Artists like Neil, Willie, and John inspire people to dig in and stay focused. The fight for family farmers is for safe food, the environment, and preserving the rural fabric of our nation. Neil doesn't give up on important goals like these."

Mugar said in addition to years spent speaking out and supporting farm families against industrial agriculture, Neil delivers the gift of an extraordinary performance every year at the FARM AID concert. "Whether he's jamming with Phish, or reuniting with old friends like David Crosby, or joining Willie on stage, Neil always has the crowd transfixed," said Mugar.

Long time friend and Nebraska family farmer Corky Jones thanked Neil Young for his loyalty to farmers. "No one deserves this award more than Neil. I love to see Neil get fired up. It gives farmers like me the extra fight we need to stay on another season. It gives us hope."

FARM AID's annual concert is televised live on CMT: Country Music Television. More than $15 million in FARM AID grants has been distributed to farm and rural service organizations across the country. Donors may call 1-800-FARM AID to make donations or to receive additional information.

Excerpts from Wyclef Jean, Neil Young, Beck, Stevie Wonder,
George Clinton Celebrate 1999 Rock The Vote! Awards

(See the full story on the MTV web site.)

Rock The Vote's Sixth Annual Patrick Lippert Awards were held at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and a cavalcade of musicians and entertainment heavyweights came out to fete this year's recipients -- Neil Young and Wyclef Jean.

Beck presented an award to Neil Young and his wife Pegi for their work with Farm Aid and The Bridge School Benefit concerts, as well as their community activism.

"Pegi and Neil are amazing people," Beck said, "and I'm honored to be presenting this award, and I just wanna say how important [Neil's] music is and the world that he's created. It's made a big impact on myself and a lot of people I know."

Upon accepting the award, Young thanked the artists that had played at his past Bridge school benefits, but reserved a special thank-you to Pegi, his wife of more than 20 years.

"I'm proud of Farm Aid," Young said, "but I'm especially proud to be part of the Bridge School, which my wife Pegi thought up. She said, 'Well, y'know, why don't we have a concert, and then we'll get a bunch of money, and then we'll start a school for kids like our [son] Ben and other kids that need computers to communicate.' So, without [Pegi], it never would've happened."





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