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News Flash
Tue., Apr 20, 1999
Update: Wed., Apr 21, 1999
Update: Mon., Apr 26, 1999
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This Note's For You Too!
New Neil Tribute CD Released

Press Release by Peter Holmstedt (peter.holmstedt@telia.com)

April 20 sees the release of one of the most important tribute albums this year :

This Note's For You Too! (A Tribute To Neil Young)
(Inbetweens Records, Holland)

Inbetweens Records is a new record label based and Tilburg, Holland, with further offices in San Francisco, California and Tuebingen, Germany.

This double CD of cover versions of songs by Neil Young ( in strict chronological order ) came together very quickly. As all the proceeds from sales will go directly to benefit Neil and Pegi Young's The Bridge School, there were never any problems for the label to find strong and interesting participants.

The track list is something of a who's-who in modern music:

CD 1
Treble Spankers - Aurora
Ron & the Splinters - Burned
Matt Piucci - Down To The Wire
Sonya Hunter - Expecting To Fly
Mushroom - The Emperor Of Wyoming
Tom Stevens - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Bevis Frond - I've Been Waiting For You
Big in Iowa - Cinnamon Girl
Shane Faubert - Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets)
Lee Renaldo - Winterlong
Tom Rapp - After The Gold Rush
Hitchin' Post - Tell Me Why
Bobby Sutliff - Don't Let It Bring You Down
Coal Porters - Ohio
Continental Drifters - When You Dance I Can Really Love
Steven Roback - The Needle And The Damage Done
Russ Tolman and Richard McGrath - Old Man
Richard Lloyd - Heart Of Gold
Steve Wynn - Time Fades Away
Map of Wyoming - Don't Be Denied

CD 2
Chris Cacavas - Tonight's The Night
Walkabouts - Albuquerque
Eric Ambel - Revolution Blues
Pat Thomas & the Family Jewels - Vampire Blues
Ghosthouse - Don't Cry No Tears
Hallo Venray - Cortez The Killer
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Like A Hurricane
Chris Burroughs - Powderfinger
Snares & Kites - Campaigner
Harvest - The Old Country Waltz
Golden Watusis - Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Empty Set - Too Lonely
Van Christian - This Note's For You
Absolute Zeros - Don't Cry
Ad Vanderveen - Days That Used To Be
Lazy Sunday Dream -Old King
Slobberbone - Piece of Crap

If you're having trouble finding the album in your local record store, please contact Inbetweens Records at:

Inbetweens Records
PO Box 1431
5004 BK Tilburg
or via email: starman1@hvision.nl


Take care,

The album can be ordered on-line from various places, including Innerstate Records. Here's a direct jump to their description of the CD (including a fuzzy cover pic). The price is $15.99 plus shipping.

There's also a page where you can download and listen to these full songs (RealPlayer required):

  • Tom Rapp - After The Gold Rush
  • Sonya Hunter - Expecting To Fly
  • Richard Lloyd - Heart of Gold   (Distorto-Whammy-Electric!)
  • Steve Wynn - Time Fades Away   (My favorite of these.)
  • Walkabouts - Albuquerque

From: Alex Kaliwoda <aliwodak@netway.at>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 20:41:20 +0200

A few days ago I got my copy of the new Neil tribute This Note's For You Too! I ordered it directly from Inbetween Records /NL in Europe (starman1@hvision.nl) It is very cheap -- I payed 40FL (about $25 US) including p&p (for Europe).

TN4U2 contains 37 tracks on 2 CDs. The booklet gives information about all graups/artists. It also says, "All artist royalities and record companiy profits are being donated to charitable causes." This set is compiled very nicely.

First track is Aurora by Treble Spankers, a Dutch group. The last track is Piece Of Crap by Slobberbone. The tracks are arranged in the chronical order of Neils work. 50% of all contributors I've never heard, they are mainly from the Netherlands. The "best known" artists are:

  • Bevis Frond (I've Been Waiting For You)
  • Lee Ranaldo (Winterlong)
  • Coal Porterrs (Ohio)
  • Continetal Drifters (When You Dance..)
  • Russ Tolman & Richard McGrath (Old Man)
  • Richard LLoyd (HOG)
  • Steve Wynn (Time fades Aweay)
  • Chris Cacavas (TTN)
  • Walkabouts (Albuquerque)
Maybe you have heard better covers, maybe you know of Borrowed Tunes, but even The Bridge has very weak parts (remeber Psychic TV!!). I like this tribute. Cacavas's Tonight's The Night and Walkabouts' Albuquerque make this record "a must".

The selection of the tracks is not very surprising. It looks a lot like a remake of Decade, adding 8 new tracks:

  1. The Old Country Waltz
  2. Hey Hey My My
  3. Too Lonely (sounds like a Police song)
  4. This Note's For You
  5. Don't Cry
  6. Days That Used To Be (!!!)
  7. Old King
  8. Piece Of Crap
Many artist can't get away from the original (Cortez, TTN,...) but some give new interpretations.

Buy this record, show your appreciation for the work Jos Starmans did. You've surely invested more money for other records that gave you less...

From: Don Wilske <dwilske@iccb.state.il.us>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 13:03:34 -0500

Finished listening to the new NY tribute CD (double) This Note's for You Too that arrived last week. It's pretty good, liked it better than The Bridge tribute issued several years ago. Especially like Expecting to Fly by Sonya Hunter and Too Lonely by Empty Set.

Only listened once so far, other songs will probably grow on me. Not a bad deal: 2CDs for $15.99 plus $2.30 S&H. Ordered on-line from Innerstate (see up above) on Sunday afternoon, was shipped from San Fran on Monday & arrived in IL on Weds.

Dead Man





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