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News Flash
Thu., Mar 20, 2000
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Make Your Plans for: World RustFest 2000
Also See: --> The World RustFest 2000 Website


by Bregt Depreeuw

aka The Belgian Bad Boy of Rock

Some of you might be thinking: "What is this, a gathering of automechanics?" Nope, not automechanics -- Neil-fans! A RustFest is a gathering of people that get off on all things Neil-related (don't we all?). Most RustFests originate on The Rust List, a superb mailinglist about the Y in CSN&Y...

There have been local RustFests in a lot of different countries, and the International RustFest that takes place each year before and during the Bridge School concerts is worldfamous. But some time ago I had the feeling that something was still missing: A Belgian RustFest... I launched the idea on the Rust List and soon enough my mailbox was filled with enthusiastic replies. Later the concept of a Belgian RustFest was replaced with the idea for a European Fest. But this thing kept on growing! When the first non-European Rusties started to show interest, the WORLDRUSTFEST 2000 was born!

We chose to have the WRF in the town of Bruges, in Belgium. This central location in Europe allows many European Rusties who haven't ever attended a big RustFest (because they couldn't afford big air-fares) to get to one.

The date of the WRF will be the 15th of July 2000, with a pre-fest on the 14th of July.

The WRF will be a unique chance for Rusties to meet each other in person. Even if you don't consider yourself a "Rustie", it's the perfect occasion to meet other Neil-fans. Of course "meeting each other" is not the only thing that we will do. This is what both days will look like...

The first day includes a pre-fest gathering. The earlybirds to the Bruges area can explore the town and local sites, and then we'll meet in the evening to have a drink and something to eat together. Afterwards everybody goes to their lodgings or campsites. At the 'Rusted' campsite there will be a small acoustic jam...

The main Fest starts on the 15th of July. We meet in a pub around 5pm. At 6pm we cross the street to the Cactus Club. The Cactus is a very respectable place that where great artists like Nick Lowe, Everything But The Girl, Steve Earle, Junkie XL and The Herbalizer have performed. On the 15th this Club will be the private property of the WRF group!

The Cactus Club will be the ideal spot for several excellent 'Neil Young coverbands'. We're planning to have:

  • Rudy De Plekker & Band from Belgium
  • NX4U, featuring The Hardcoremotherfuckers from Germany
  • Flauschrausch from Germany
These bands will offer us some great Neil tunes... I'm sure that you'll have so much fun, that you will cry for more when the last band finishes up.

But that's not all! After those gigs it's time for the WRF JAM... I have never attended a Neil-jam before, but stories from the International RustFest say that it's something you'll never forget.

The attendees will be asked to pay a small registration fee (somewhere between 10 and 15 dollar/euro). Of course the WRF is a non-profit event -- the money will be used to pay the rent and some extra costs. The bands play for free. Any money we have left over will be donated to The Bridge School. In order to raise some extra money for this charitable organisation, there will also be a WRF raffle with lots of cool prizes to win! For more info on the WRF Raffle, check the website or contact Andrew Thomas (aka Poncho).

All of the rest of the details about the WRF, including how to sign up, where to stay, what's planned, etc, etc are available on the World RustFest 2000 Website.

If you wish to use regular mail, you can get more info on the WorldRustFest from me at:

Bregt Depreeuw
Wevershof 10
8000 Bruges
Belgium (EU)
Or use email: Bregt.Depreeuw@village.uunet.be.

There's also a special email discussion list for planning and questions and anything else regarding the WRF.

That's all I have to say! I hope to see you at the WorldRustFest...

Keep on Rockin'
Bregt Depreeuw aka The Belgian Bad Boy of Rock





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