Notes about SAMPLE and HOLD

Returning to a news item.....
You can get a bookmark to particular News ITEM. When the date on the item itself (not the date in the index) is an underlined link, you can copy that link using drag & drop (where available). Or use your "Copy shortcut" or "Copy link location" function (usually from your pop-up menu with the mouse over that underlined date). The copied link/shortcut can then be saved in your bookmarks, or passed to someone in a note, or anywhere else that links can be used.

Page bookmarks.....
You can set bookmarks directly to particular News columns. Instead of using the link that takes you to the front page, bookmark one of these links:
  • Looking Forward :
  • Evening Coconut :
  • Tour Watch :
  • Traces (HyperRust new stuff links) :
  • The Rust List: Status :
  • Goin' Back (archive) :

    Sending news tips.....
    Please send a note ( if you have any info that'd be at home in Evening Coconut or Tour Watch.

    "Likelyhood" icons in Looking Forward.....
    For number of spots:
    1. | - | Weak Rumor -- heard from one source that's semi-reliable, sounds like it could be possible, but there are no confirmations.
    2. | : | Strong Rumor -- heard from one usually-reliable source or multiple independent semi-reliable sources.
    3. |...| Likely -- heard from multiple independent usually-reliable sources.
    4. |: :| Firm -- dates published in semi-official sites (e.g., Pollstar), but not yet confirmed by official sources.
    5. |:-:| Solid -- officially confirmed (generally subject to Neil's health or whims, of course.:)
    If you have any reason to believe the likelyhood is set wrong for any particular Neil event, let me know. And please try to provide pointers to anything (preferably web pages) that supports your claim. Thanx!