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The Songs of Neil Young: Chords and Tabulature
(Frozen as of late 1999.)
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Currently compiled by Malc Brookes via the rusted-guitars list.
All updates, submissions, or corrections should be sent to that list.
Notice! With only a few exceptions (clearly noted at the top of any particular song's page) all contributions to this site have been created by ear by fans of Neil Young, by listening to various recordings of his work, or by watching him on video, and figuring out how to play what they hear or see. To the best of our knowledge, no copyrights have been violated in the compiling of this material. Any perceived copyright problem with any individual song should be pointed out to Malc or to RE*AC*TOR. We will look into the situation right away.
This is purely a labor of love, by musicians, for musicians.
It is made available here for personal use only.
Notes about this archive
The songs included in this Chord and Tabulature database span Neil's entire career, both released and unreleased. We hope to eventually include virtually all of Neil's songs here.

  • These songs have been carefully verified by members of the rusted-guitars list before being added to this archive. They have NOT been merely copied here from other Chord/Tab databases.

  • Neil uses non-standard tunings on many of these songs, as documented in each page where applicable. Here's a list of all such songs we're aware of.

  • Coordination of the additions to this database was originally handled by Wolfgang Deimel. You'll see many "Note from Wolfgang:" notes in the songs in this database.

  • Soon the songs here will be cross-linked with the other databases here on HyperRust, connecting song lyrics, chord/tab, albums, performers, performances, etc, etc, into a homogenous structure.
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    Latest Additions

     --> Horseshoe Man
     --> Sea Of Madness
     --> Slowpoke (Updated to released version)
     --> Southern Man (regular Dm version)
     --> Southern Man (special Am version)

     --> Sleeps With Angels

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