Act of Love
Pearl Jam—in concert

After the Gold Rush
AvaruuslintuSiitä jossain päätetii [sung in Finnish as "Siitä jossain päätetii"]
Chartbusters—BBC-TV, 2/23/74
Flaming LipsThe Bridge, 1989
Glitterlicks, The—VPRO Radio, Holland [live]
Graham, Tommy—???
Harris, Ronstadt & Parton???, 1999
Hedges, MichaelAerial Bondries, 1984
Johnson, Dean—in concert, 6/12/90
King Singers, TheIn Perfect Harmony
King Singers, TheLollipops
Lucarelli, FrancescoZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
MatamalaCom Un Huraca, 1996? [sung in Catalan]
Memory LaneSouvenirs
Miles, Alannah—in concert
Mint Juleps—???
Mouskouri, NanaBook of Songs
Mouskouri, Nana—BBC2 "Show of the Week," 5/23/74
Parton, DollyTreasures, 1996
PreludeAfter the Gold Rush
Redway, Mike—???
Ronstadt, LindaFeels Like Home, 1995
Schaffer, Janne & Bjern Johnsson Lind—???
Y TribanComing Down in Three Part Harmony

Cortez & the Killers—in concert
Hernaez, EnricCom Un Huraca, 1996? [sung in Catalan]
Johnston, Dean & the Computer CowboyDemos cassette
Lucarelli, FrancescoZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
Martella & FrollanoWooden Nickel 1 cassette
Olsson, Nigel—7" single

Great Plains Gypsies—in concert, 1997
Phish—in concert
Treble ChragerBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
Trey and Mike (from Phish)—in concert, November 1, 1998
Welch, Gillian—in concert
Wishing Stones—in concert

Already One
Rust—demo tape

Ambulance Blues
Vetter, Steverust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994

Are You Ready for the Country
Coffee Creek Band—in concert, 1992
Jason and the ScorchersVol. 1: Are You Ready for the Country
Jennings, WaylonAre You Ready for the Country
Meat Puppets—???
Meckley, John & John Zimmermanrust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994
Sand, Ivan and RustStill Smoking, 1996
Uncle Tupelo—in concert