Bad Fog of Lonliness
Straw, Syd—??? [unverified]

Barefoolt Floors
Larson, NicholetteSleep, Baby, Sleep, 1994

Barstool Blues
Feelies, The—demo CD
Hatfield, Juliana—in concert, 1995
Mother Hips, The—in concert
Shaw, BillZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
Soul AsylumThe Bridge, 1989
Yo La TengoHere Comes My Baby promo CD [live]

Sacred RootsCheck This One Time... cassette, 1996

Big Time
Black Crowes, The—in concert, 1996

Arden, JaneBorrowed Tunes/Out of the Blue, 1994
Everything But The GirlThe Only Livng Boy In New York EP
Meters, TheCabbage Alley, 1972
Midler, BetteLive At Last [live]
Ronstadt, LindaLinda Ronstadt

Bite the Bullet
Sand, Ivan and RustStill Smoking, 1996

Borrowed Tune
Johnson, MarcBorrowed Tunes/Out of the Blue, 1994

Bound for Glory
Zia, OmarEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

Box Car
Saaskilahti, KimmoEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

27 Various, TheUp
ChocolateyBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
Portigal, SteveZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
Teenage FanclubSparky's Dream CD single, 1995
Thomas, Pat—???
Wilco"I Shot Andy Warhol" Soundtrack, 1996