Els PetsCom un huracà, 1996? [sung in Catalan]
House, StephenEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

Captain Kennedy
Sudden, Nikki & the French RevolutionThe Bridge, 1989
Wisneski, FiLZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
Wisneski, FiLWorld of FiL cassette, 1997

Change Your Mind
Gase, PaulSleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996

Cinnamon Girl
Affected Bleed, TheBleed, 1993
Curran, AndyBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
D'Arby, Terence Trent & Brett Anderson—on French tv show Tara Ta Ta
Dream Syndicate—in concert
Entwistle, JohnSmash Your Head Against the Wall CD re-release, 1996
Gentrys, TheGentrys, 1970
HolePretty on the Inside [intro only]
KilldozerSnakeboy, 1985
KirkaNykyaikaa, 1972 [sung in Finnish as "Kanelipuun alla"]
LoopThe Bridge, 1989
Los Lobos—in concert
Lundell, Ulf—B-side of "Villig" single [sung in Swedish as "Min vandrande vdn"]
Lundell, UlfPreskriberade romanser 1978-91, 1991 [sung in Swedish as "Min vandrande vdn"]
Lundell, UlfLundell Live, Maria kom tillbaka, 1993 [sung in Swedish as "Min vandrande vdn"]
Lundell, Ulf—in concert, 1993 [sung in English]
Masa Mainds—single, 1992 [sung in Finnish as: Kanelipuun alla]
McCafferty, Dan—B-side of a single, 1975
McCafferty, DanDan McCafferty, 1978
Motorhead—??? [live]
Mould, Bob—in concert, 90-91
Phish—in concert, 1997
Replicants, TheThe Replicants, 1995
SauCom Un Huraca, 1996? [sung in Catalan]
Singer, ChuckEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995
Smith, Kendra—flexidisc w/"The Bob" magazine #31, 1987
Thunderclap Newman—live from unreleased BBC "In Concert" (probably with Pete Towshend and John Entwistle)
Toad the Wet Sprocket—in concert
Type O NegativeOctober Rust, 1996
Uncle Tupelo—in concert
Walsh, Joe—on MTV Unplugged
Wynn, Steve—in concert

Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown
Black Crowes, The—in concert, 1996
Crazy HorseCrazy Horse, 1971
Son Volt—in concert, 1996

Comes a Time
Dalton, Lacy J.—???
Gilchrist, Tom & Laurierust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994 [live]
Prescott/BrownBorrowed Tunes/Out of the Blue, 1994
Tolman, Russ and the Great Danes—???

Computer Age
Sonic YouthThe Bridge, 1989

Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher)
Sacred RootsCheck This One Time..., 1996

Cortez the Killer
54-40Borrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
Band de Soleil w/Indigo GirlsRedemption Dream
Band de Soleil w/Indigo Girls—in concert, 1995
Blue Mountain—in concert, 1996
Et's Krapprust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994
Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung—???
Grant Lee Buffalo—in concert
Indigo Girls—in concert
Mexico70—"Everywhere" CD single, 1993
One Free FallMud Creek
Solar Circus—in concert
Slint—in concert, 8/19/89
Sweet, Matthew (w/the Indigo Girls)—Goodfriend promo CD [live]
Tree Frogs, The—in concert
Trey and Mike (from Phish)—in concert, November 1, 1998
Uncle Tupelo—in concert, 1990

Coupe De Ville
Martin, DannySleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996
Philosopher KingsBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994

Cowgirl in the Sand
Clark, Gene , Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, Michael ClarkeByrds, 1973
Hollies, The—???
Kitamura, JohnEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995
Samples, The—in concert

Crime in the City
Fjeld, Frode VatvedtEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

Cripple Creek Ferry
Ekoostik Hookah—in concert