Flying on the Ground is Wrong
Guess Who, The—???, 1967
Kitmura, JohnEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995
Rainy DayRainy Day
Sneetches, The—???

For the Turnstiles
Grant Lee BuffaloBuffalondon Live EP [live]
Pariah Dub Bandrust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994
Sacred RootsCheck This One Time..., 1996
Sand, Ivan and RustStill Smoking, 1996
Yo La Tengo—B-side of "Asparagus Song" single

From Hank to Hendrix
Pruette, AndrewEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

Fuckin' Up
Blake Babies, The—in concert, 1991
Cracker—"Get Off This" CD single (disc 2), 1994 [live]
Cracker—"Eurotrash Girl" CD single, 1994 [live]
JunkhouseBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
Pearl Jam—in concert
Ryan, G. with SWMBO and John MeckleySleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996
Shakey Kato and the FestersOn the Bed - Live Rusties cassette, 1996 [live]