Sad Movies
Mullins, JackZain's Glasses cassette, 1997

Safeway Cart
Evans, JohnZain's Glasses cassette, 1997

Sail Away
HarvestIf You Got a Nickle..., 1996
Ronstadt, LindaDon't Cry Now
Wisneski, FiLWorld of FiL cassette, 1997

Sample and Hold
Zia, Omarrust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994

Sedan Delivery
Feelies, TheThe Good Earth import CD
Feelies, TheNo One Knows EP

See the Sky About to Rain
Clark, Gene, Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, Michael ClarkeByrds
Sacred RootsCheck This One Time... cassette, 1996

Sacred RootsCheck This One Time... cassette, 1996

Sleeps With Angels
Evans, JohnSleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996

Kitamura, Johnrust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994

Southern Man
AvaruuslintuSiitä jossain päätetii [sung in Finnish as "Etelään"]
Indigo Girls—in concert
Joel, Billy—soundcheck before concert, 1/94
Meckley, JohnZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
MysteryBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
U2—in concert, US tour, '81 or '82 & '87

Southern Pacific
Pariah Dub Bandrust@death Never Sleeps cassette, 1994

Star of Bethlehem
Ass Ponys—??? CD single, 1996
Moore, DavidSleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996

Mullins, JackEverybody Knows This Is rust@death cassette, 1995

Stupid Girl
Gase, PaulZain's Glasses cassette, 1997

Sugar Mountain
Dolenz, MickyMicky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep, 1991
Samples, The—in concert
Shakey Kato and the FestersOn the Bed - Live Rusties cassette, 1996 [live]