Walk On
Gutterball—promo CD [live]
Widespread Panic—in concert

Western Hero
Stylers, TheSleeps With rust@death cassette, 1996

When You Dance I Can Really Love
Big SugarBorrowed Tunes/Into the Black, 1994
Died Pretty—???
Jacobsmeir, MattZain's Glasses cassette, 1997
Richmond Boston, AnneBig House of Time

Pixies, TheThe Bridge, 1989
Pixies, The—B-side of "Dig for Fire" single

HarvestIf You Got a Nickle..., 1996

Kaiser, Henry w/Victoria WilliamsThe Bridge CD bonus track, 1989
Mutcher, Kim & FriendsZain's Glasses cassette, 1997

World on a String
Bottlerockets, The—in concert, 1996
Cook, JohnZain's Glasses cassette, 1997

Wrecking Ball
Harris, EmmylouWrecking Ball, 1995
Virta, JyrkiZain's Glasses cassette, 1997