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The Dates:
Friday-Sunday, June 26-28.

The Location:
The RockHall Fest will be held, of course, in the vacinity of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here are the details about Where It's At! And here are the details of The RockHall Tour.

There are directions in Where It's At!
(maps to be added)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here's the FAQ, by Winking Waitress.

  • Rooms at the Days Inn are $55 a night plus taxes.
  • RockHall tickets are $13.50 (under age 10 is $10.50) group rate. More info on The RockHall Tour page.
  • Friday Night dinner cost to be divided up (should be cheap).
  • (more details to be added)

Everyone who's going to attend the RHF needs to register in advance, by sending a note to Live To Ride Robin (aka BikerAlane: Include:
  • Name and handle
  • E-mail address
  • Snail-mail address
  • Phone number (not REQUIRED, but could be helpful)
  • Number in your party.
  • Would you like to camp?
  • Arriving on 25th or 26th or 27th?
  • By which mode of transportation are you arriving?
  • Will you need a ride from the airport?
  • If so, what time will you be there? (Approx for now...)
  • Any suggestions orcomments (welcome).

Rust Activities:

Sheila Lookout Mama is coordinating a major meal for all Rusties on Friday night.

(details to be added)

Transportation Arrangements:
(details to be added)

Camping Arrangements:
Campgrounds are being looked into, but there don't appear to be any within a reasonable distance (i.e., they're over 50 miles away!) More details as they arise...

In Case of Emergency:
(details to be added)

(details to be added)

Here's the current weather map for the Cleveland Area. (coming)
And here's the forcast for the area near the RHF site.

(other details to be added)

Other RHF Pages:
(to be added)

Other Useful Links: