Notes about your PERSONAL ID NUMBER (PIN)
Format of the PIN
  • Your PIN is a number, with between 4 and 8 digits.
  • Select a PIN of your choice (that you'll remember!)

    Using your PIN

  • To edit your Registry entry, while viewing your entry's page, enter your PIN in the slot at the bottom of the page. Then hit ENTER.
  • (Or you can click the [Vote] checkbox before you hit ENTER. If you do, the ENTER will send you to the Rustie Vote Page, ready to place votes there without going through the "ID me" process.)
  • When you edit your Registry entry you can change your PIN to a new one if desired.
  • Before your updated Registry entry is accepted, you'll be prompted again to enter your PIN. Remember that you must enter your EXISTING PIN (prior to the change) there when you are changing the PIN to a new one.

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