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Neil Young Tribute Recordings by the Rusties

The members of the Rust list are a musical bunch, always ready to lay down interpretations of Neil's works. Over the last few years they've taken the initiative to actually produce and distribute (for FREE) compilations of these tribute recordings.

As of Fall of 1996, three compilation tribute recordings have been produced and treed across the Rust list, and a fourth one is in progress.

There have also been two other tributes - one an full album by a "Cross-Internet" Neil Young cover band, and the other a one-take recording of a group of Rusties at a RustFest in Toronto. Those two albums (on backing sides of a single tape) were originally distributed along with the 1996 rust@death compilation tribute.

And finally, the Internet Single Piece of Crap (from the third Rust compilation tribute) was released across the Internet World (Wide Web) on March 20, 1996.

More details on all these are in the pages linked below...

The rust@death Tributes

These three were produced while the Rust List was known as "rust@death", and included "rust@death" as part of the title.
 --> 1994: rust@death Never Sleeps
 --> 1995: Everybody Knows This Is rust@death
 --> 1996: Sleeps With rust@death. . . .and from it:
 --> 1996: Piece Of Crap - the Internet Single
 --> 1996: the rust@death TRIBUTES box set. . . One of a kind, presented to Zeke Young.

Rust Tributes
(Tributes produced after the "rust@death" era.)

 --> 1997: Zain's Glasses
 --> 1998/1999: The Missing 6 Tribute .....(page coming)
 --> 2000: Ranted@Rust .....(page coming)

Other Rustie Tributes

 --> Sacred Roots
 --> On The Bed - Live Rusties

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