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Date: February 21, 2000
Venue: America West Arena
City/Town (nearest): Phoenix, Arizona
(See the show reviews.)

Also appearing:
(no opening acts this tour)

Ticket price Info:
$40.50, $51.00, $76.00, $201.00 (Gold Circle)
Tickets sale date info:
Sunday, October 24, NOON (Note: Phoenix is NOT on Daylight Savings Time)
Warning: AmWest has a contract with Dillard's Ticketing and NOT Ticketmaster. Dillards does NOT do online sales yet.
Tickets available at the Arena box office, or at "Dillards Box Office" locations, or by phone: Box Office=(602)379-7800, Dillards=(480)503-5555 or (800)638-4253.
Seating chart:
Here's one.

Getting there:
Here's an interactive map.

Other info:
Parking: AmWest has plenty of parking structures around it but if you park on the street be careful - it's not the best of areas immediately surrounding it.

Eats & Drinks: Cooper'stown (Alice Cooper's restaurant) is immediately across the street, TeePee Taproom is a block away, a few other sports bars and Arizona Center (restaurants and a food court) are close by, but not much else.

Accomodations: In the downtown area they're sparse. The few hotels are high priced. You can stay by the airport (about 20 minutes away) and there are plenty of motels west of the city on the 10 Freeway and North on the 17. If folks need to find out specifics, contact Lookout Mama

Rust Info
Lookout Mama.
(Probably at Cooper'stown, details coming soon.)