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Schottenstein Center
Columbus, Ohio, April 7, 2000

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The Confirmed Set List
    First Set
  1. Carry On
  2. Southern Man
  3. Stand And Be Counted
  4. Pre-Road Downs
  5. Heartland
  6. 49 Bye-Byes
  7. Slowpoke
  8. Marrakesh Express
  9. Faith In Me
  10. Almost Cut My Hair
  11. Cinnamon Girl
    Second Set
  12. Helplessly Hoping
  13. Our House
  14. Old Man
  15. Dream For Him
  16. Looking Forward
  17. Someday Soon
  18. After The Goldrush
  19. Guinnevere
  20. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  21. Out Of Control
  22. Seen Enough
  23. Teach Your Children
    [7th Inning Stretch]
  24. Woodstock
  25. Eight Miles High
  26. Ohio
  27. Love The One You're With
  28. Down By The River
  29. For What It's Worth
  30. Rockin' In The Free World
  31. Long May You Run

Schottenstein Center
Columbus, Ohio, April 7, 2000

early report by Carol

The Columbus show was so awesome!!!

I was in the 6th row on Neil's side of the stage (the $200 seats!) Neil...God, he was so fantastic! I would have paid $500 to see a show like that. We were on our feet the entire show.

We got everything tonight... For What It's Worth, Down By The River, 8 Miles High, Rockin' In The Free World, and Long May You Run!

Stephen was on fire during Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Everyone's voice sounded really good.

Ohio was another highlight...Crosby was very into it.

I think we almost didn't get Down By The River... Crosby had his guitar almost off, when I saw Neil call for DBTR. Crosby put it back on, and off they went! We all did the call and response... Neil actually sang "Be on my side..." six or seven times, and then about five minutes later, he did it again! I didn't time the song (don't wear a watch!), but it seemed quite long.

I'll swear Neil looked right at me during RITFW, and gave me a nod at one point! All the strings were broken on "Old Black" by the end of that one.

The encore was Long May You Run with not one, but TWO false starts. They nailed it the third time.

It was an absolutely fabulous show... If you haven't seen it yet, you've just got to go!


Schottenstein Center
Columbus, Ohio, April 7, 2000

review by Ron Kincaid

I must say that I didn't think that this show would reach epic proportions for me, thinking that wading through Graham Nash's stuff would be a bit tedious. But this show ROCKED.

For What It's Worth was so totally spiritual -- hearing Steven and Neil do the dueling leads that, to me, is one of the most recognizable song openings ever recorded. Woodstock sounded like a new and updated mix -- it was the song where Stills and Young finally got the dueling leads going. Stills seemed to try on both Southern Man and Cinnamon Girl, but just didn't seem able to keep up. Perhaps he just doesn't know the songs well-enough, or perhaps Neil improvises too much. But Stills KNEW Woodstock, and the two of them tore through it.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes was a great addition. Stills' voice isn't the same as it was, of course, but I think his lowering the range on this one he made it sound newer and really good. Not a particular favorite of mine, but my wife loves it and thought it sounded great.

And, after Woodstock, when I was feeling totally exhilirated, OH MY GOD 8 MILES HIGH!!! I know it's not the first time they played it on this tour (by a long stretch), but since I hadn't kept up with the set list (I guess being overworked does have it's benefits), I didn't realize that they'd been playing it. So it was a complete surprise -- as was S:JBE in the prior set. Croz sounded fabulous on that song. It was so weird to see the shadow of that young kid I'd seen so many times on tv late night commercials singing with the Byrds. And to remember back to being the 8 year old kid singing along with their songs (from my friend's older brother's collection of Buffalo Springfield and Byrds 30-some years ago...) Well, as WC Fields said, growing old isn't so bad when you consider the alternative....

Rockin' In The Free World was the best I've ever heard it (yes, Mike, even better than HORDE!). CSN sounded like that song was always a CSNY song, and that they'd done it enough times to positively nail it.

I've heard Neil do Ohio a number of times, but to hear the four of them do it, that is the one song I've always felt like was a true CSNY song. Anything else they ever did could've been done by Neil solo if it was his, or CSN if it was CSN's -- but not Ohio. That song defined CSNY to me. And it was fantastic live.

Of the new songs, I will say first that they sounded alot better live than on disc. Especially Faith In Me and Dream For Him. I like Looking Forward a lot, but -- and I really hate to admit this -- I thought the live CSNY version toasted the solo Neil version. And I like the four of them better than Neil alone on this song. That and Ohio are truly the only two songs I can say that about. Southern Man certainly sounds as good -- maybe better -- but there's not as wide a disparity in the songs, in my estimation.

Much has already been written about the pounding the old black Les Paul took on Down By The River. I think Graham was either trying to stop Neil at one point, or looking at the guitar in disbelief that Neil was coaxing sound out of 1 good string and 5 broken ones!

If you were on the fence about seeing this tour, do it!

(more reviews coming soon... --RE*AC*TOR)