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Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2001, 8pm
Venue: Point Theatre
City/Town (nearest): Dublin, Ireland
(See the show reviews.)

Band: Crazy Horse
Also appearing:
Proud Mary

Ticket price/location:
Price: 30.00 - 35.00
Available On-Line, or at ticket outlets, or by phone: (IRL +353) 1 836 3633
Tickets sale date info:
Standing: Friday, March 23
Seated: Thursday, March 29
Seating chart:
Here's one.

Getting there:
After you get to Dublin, see below...

Other info:
Some tips from Derek Keogh:
The Point Depot really is an excellent concert venue. A converted transport depot on the mouth of the river Liffey, it is a mere 15 minute walk from the centre of Dublin City. To get there, you simply walk eastward down the north quay until you come to Dublin Bay and there it is.

Best way to get there is stand at the Liffey end of O'Connell Street (Dublin's Main street), facing the river but without crossing the bridge. Turn left and keep walking for 15-20 minutes (DEPENDING ON GUINNESS INTAKE). You will pass Jury's Inn, and a wonderful sculpture of matchstick famine victims on the quay. Very haunting. The Point Depot is a large Victorian stonewalled building on the left hand side at the very end of the quays. Unmissable.

The walk is quite pleasant but if it's raining, a taxi ride from O'Connell bridge would set you back no more than 4.00IR, depending on how many of you there are.

Afterwards, around 11pm, a quick jaunt back into Dublin City. DO NOT stay on the northside (O'Connell Street) after dark. Cross the Liffey and head for Temple Bar, which is 2 minutes from O'connell Bridge. Cross the river on the extreme right hand side of the bridge and continue down Westmoreland street until you see a left turn for Fleet Street (Palace Bar turn). Take this left and continue down to the cobblestoned streets of Temple Bar. Here you will find all kinds of pubs that will cater for your every needs.

After that, yer on yer own.. .

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