* Not Appearing * The Big Festival
Benefit For The Homeless
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Date: July 27-29, 2001?   No.
Venue: National Bowl
City/Town (nearest): Milton Keynes, England

Band: Crazy Horse?
Also approached to appear:
Bob Dylan
Tom Petty
Lou Reed
Roxy Music
and many others...

Ticket price/location:
Price: 85 British Pounds (includes camping)
To be available on-line, or at ticketing locations, or by phone: 0870 0113 456
Tickets sale date info:
Seating chart:

Getting there:
Here are a couple of maps.
An interactive map will be provided.

Other info:
Procedes to benefit The Big Issue, a magazine sold by homeless people.

Camping will be on "level and gently sloping land adjacent to the National Bowl".
Here's a pic of a crowd at the venue, from the stage (1998).
Here's a pic of the stage from the back of the crowd (1985).

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