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Erfurt, Germany, July 7, 2001
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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Don't Cry No Tears
  2. I've Been Waiting For You
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Piece Of Crap
  5. Going Home   [new this tour]
  6. Hold You In My Arms   [new this tour]
    Solo/Acoustic set:
  7. From Hank To Hendrix
  8. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  9. Pocahontas
  10. After The Goldrush   [on pump organ]
    With Crazy Horse again:
  11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  12. Standing In The Light Of Love   [new this tour]
  13. Gateway Of Love   [new this tour]
  14. Hey Hey My My
  15. Powderfinger
  16. Like A Hurricane
    Encore 1
  17. Rockin' In The Free World
    Encore 2
  18. Tonight's The Night   [on Old Black AND piano]

Messehalle, Erfurt, Germany
July 7, 2001

report by Matt Butterwick

Last night's show in Erfurt was another good one. Although we didn't get Crazy Horse "deluxe" (as denoted by Billy Talbot the other day, including Pegi and Astrid), we were blessed with a great show that lasted for about 2:20 (encores included).

Cameras and mics were virtually all over the place. There was even a guy on stage filming during a few songs. A cameraman told us that Neil (or someone from Neil's camp) ordered the cameras to be there. Who knows, maybe we'll get another Video/DVD release of this tour sometime?

Biggest surprise in the setlist was Tonight's The Night. I think we got another first here, because Neil was playing piano AND guitar on that one. He switched back and forth between the instruments. Has he ever done this before? I think not.

Before the second encore he obviously couldn't decide what to play. He started of with a chord that I think would have become Roll Another Number. Then Larry went on stage to the piano, so we thought maybe it would be a second rendition of Going Home. Then Larry went off again, and Neil approached the piano with his guitar in hand. At this time I thought it would be a second Hold You In My Arms, when finally those well known notes from Billy's bass were heard: Tonight's the Night.

We had a nice pre-show meeting in Erfurt with Rusties from New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Austria and Germany; and a not-so-nice-because-of-the-rain walk back from the Messehalle towards downtown. Regardless, it was a night to remember.   : )