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Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmark
June 29, 2001

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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Don't Cry No Tears
  2. I've Been Waiting For You
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Piece Of Crap
  5. Going Home   [new this tour]
  6. Hold You In My Arms   [new this tour]
    Solo/Acoustic set:
  7. From Hank To Hendrix
  8. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  9. Pocahontas
  10. After The Goldrush   [on pump organ]
    With Crazy Horse again:
  11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  12. Standing In The Light Of Love   [new this tour]
  13. Gateway Of Love   [new this tour]
  14. Hey Hey My My
  15. Like A Hurricane
  16. Fuckin' Up
  17. Rockin' In The Free World

Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmarki, June 29, 2001

review by Thomas Got Fuel To Burn Bergen

Hello fellow Rusties, here's a review from last evening's MONSTER show, at Roskilde, Denmark...

At 22.30 (almost sharp) Neil and the Horse went on stage, quickly did the final guitar tuning, and then rushed into Don't Cry No Tears. Nice enough, but no surprise for Rusties. Regardless, the very pleasure of seeing him again was good.

Then came I've Been Waiting For You and Love And Only Love, which really did it for me. Maybe that's how they've been playing it during this tour -- I don't know -- but it was rough and powerful, with some feedback, and it lasted close to 15 min.

Then it was time for POC -- with dedication to Bush. He's not the most popular guy around, to judge by the applause from the crowd... The dedication included a "butt-shaking" by Neil to the crowd...!

Next came Going Home, which in my oppinion is one of the best songs he has ever written. We can all discuss the lyrics someday later, but I think the music supports the lyrics' flashbacks to Custer and Native American warriors, etc. It worked great for me.

Then came another new song, Hold You In My Arms, just like the previous shows.

For an acoustic set he played: From Hank To Hendrix, Don't Let It Bring You Down, Pocahontas, and After The Goldrush. All nice versions, and good for Neil-first-timers to see his quiet side as well (before the last part of the show...)

Only Love Can Break Your Heart was next, follow by Standing In The Light Of Love. That sounded good as well, and with a bit of guitar like Smoke On The Water as a sub-tone of the music. Next was Gateway Of Love -- also a great song.

Then Neil adjusted his guitar a bit, looked briefly at the other guys, and they kicked into Hey Hey My My!!! 5 stars for that one -- it was a great great version. Very rough and unpolished. It lasted some 8 minutes... Beautiful!

After that the most monsterous Like A Hurricane was launched. It began with some 3 or 4 minutes of intro before they started the "real" song. It went fine -- nothing extra special -- but it's still an impressive song. Then came the part of bringing down this Hurricane, which apeared to be not so easy -- not easy at all. After 8 or 9 minutes of feedback the guitar was left without any strings at all... Neil went over to the piano, opened it up to get to the strings and took his beer bottle (by the way, Neil drank Carlsberg) and used it to hit the strings in order to keep the feedback a live...

After some time he got bored with the piano and went back to the demolished guitar, took it up and started swinging it from side to side so the feedback would continue. At the end he looked very sad that nothing more could be played, so he and The Horse left the stage while the feedback died out in the speakers... Song length: approx. 22 minutes.

Everybody thought that this was the end (seemed natural with no more intruments), but after a few minutes they came back in and did Fuckin' Up -- a little bit special version on their spare instruments. It wasn't really my favorite version, but it was nice anyway. They actually seemed a bit tired after bringing down the Hurricane -- and no wonder...

By now the concert had lasted 2 hours and 17 min. The program said another band should play in only 13 minutes. Though we were hoping for more, it seemed unlikely. But... Neil looked at the crowd once, and got Ol' Black back (with new strings on!), and then he said "This one's for you people", and launched into Rockin' In The Free World. Beautiful... People kept on rockin'.

The total show lasted 2:24 -- definitely not a festival "short set".

Take care and keep on rockin'

Got Fuel To Burn