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Campo Argentino
de Polo,
Buenos Aires,
Jan. 18, 2001

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The Confirmed Set List
    First Set
  1. Sedan Delivey
  2. Hey, Hey, My My (Into the Black)
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Cinnamon Girl
  5. Fuckin' Up
  6. Cortez The Killer
  7. Like a Hurricane
  8. Rockin' In The Free World
    Encore 1
  9. The Needle And The Damage Done   [solo ELECTRIC]
  10. Down by the River
  11. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
    Encore 2
  12. Powderfinger

HOT Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jan. 18, 2001

early review by Mathias Harbek

Hi, my name is Mathias Harbek. I'm 23 years old and what I saw last night was the best show I've seen in my life.

Neil played after Oasis, and a lot of Oasis fans left the place after their set. They will never know what they missed by leaving! But anyway, that left the place to all of us big fans of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. We really love Neil, and being that this was the first time he visited our country made it even more emotive.

When Neil appeared we all went nuts. They opened with Sedan Delivery and followed it with Hey Hey My My. Encores started after Rockin' In The Free World, when Neil came out with his Old Black and played an electric Needle And The Damage Done! That was followed by an epic version of Down By The River.

I think they left the stage again, but reappeared to play Roll Another Number For The Road. The left again after that and we thought the show had finally reached his end. But they once again showed up to play Powderfinger.

Neil and the band seemed to be very happy with the audience mood. The whole crowd sang along with Neil's guitar riffs and melodies, and shouted Neil's and Poncho's names after every song they played. For me, Neil's heartful guitar solos were a trip to another universe, I can't describe it with words!!!

I'm very grateful to have had the chance to see him live. I hope I have the chance to see him soon again!!!!!!

With love,

HOT Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jan. 18, 2001

review by Daniel Truck

I've been a big fan of Neil's since I was 13.. I'm now 32, and to be honest, I've always dreamed about making it to one of his shows. But I turned skeptical as time went by. But last Thursday was the best concert night of my life, as I finally got to see one of my living heroes.

The show started after a very typical Oasis performance, (with a good Hey Hey My My version included). Some of the kids left the place after Oasis, but the audience was still huge.

Neil started with a smoking version of Sedan Delivery, followed by Hey Hey My My. The crowd recognized the song from a recent Spanish cover version by a local band called La Renga. It was wonderful to hear the people making a chorus during the riffs. Neil smiled before starting with the first solo. He simply looked fine and happy with the audience. When he moved sometimes to the front, we all went crazy.

Pegi and Astrid appeared to sing Like A Hurricane with Poncho's incredible keyboard's playing. Neil came back to make a solo version of The Needle And The Damage Done, and the rest of the band came back to play Down By The River, which was surprisingly known and sung by the crowd.

Neil then offered another one -- he moved to one side and pointed and shouted "One more song". They did Roll Another Number, and then they left.

Most of us were shouting for one more and after a minute or so they came back to play Powderfinger, just to leave the place smiling and showing how much they love the fans. So everybody went home loaded with that great feeling of amazing happiness.

I was surrounded by a large number of young kids (under 20) sharing a great and deep experience with their fathers and a large number of different musicians. I think this gonna help make some changes in the local scene.

For me, it was simply the best show I've ever seen and I hope they come back someday. I'm still moved by Neil's energy and feeling. Some aspects of my life have been fulfilled, and that night will be simply unforgettable. He is and he will be an example. He rocked this town and it won't never be the same place.

In some ways, The Horse is here to stay.

Daniel W. Truck
Bueos Aries, Argentina

HOT Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jan. 18, 2001

review by Fernando Garcia
[The following review is from Clarin.com, translated from the Spanish
with the Babelfish translater and cleaned-up by the HyperRust editor.]

Rock, from here to eternity
by Fernando Garcia

The science pages of 'Bugler' said yesterday: "North American investigators are said to have completely stopped a beam of light, to to have stored it, and to have released it later as if it were a particle of common matter". It could be said in the same way that Thursday night -- at the closing of the superb Buenos Aires Hot Festival -- the Canadian giant (a sequoia of a meter ninety) Neil Young exercised the electricity once again, obtaining similar results to that of the Yankee investigators. Seeing him for almost two hours, surrounding an imaginary circle next to his old compadres of the quartet Crazy Horse, it could be said that Young stopped, stored and then released Rock like pure matter.

Thursday, Oasis presented their new formation in Buenos Aires (three years after their Argentine debut in Luna Park). And with the arrival in the country of Neil Young after thirty years of performing, the best predictions were fulfilled on the second day of the festival on the Polo field. Between the fog and the light; between the worldly noise and the noise of magic; Oasis and Crazy Horse played almost four hours whose better moments could be measured in the silences. In effect, the ears imploded whenever Oasis finished a song, and the absence of sound when Young reached his orgasmic grand finales were more moving than than when they reached the zenith of their noise.

From two different generations and contexts, Noel Gallagher (young man of the '90s, furrowed by the explosion of raves, the hooligan phenomenon and the resurgence of roots rock) and Neil Young (young man of the '60s, crossed by the earthquakes of LSD and the electrification of folk), planted in the Polo Field the flag of Rock as an eternal form. Oasis, in its new formation, playing especially psychedelicly against Neil Young's carefully built heard of buffalo. It's sometimes hard to believe that they reach that same essence of Rock that is produced so naturally as the physical phenomenon of Frank Sampedro (guitar), Billy Talbot (bass) and Ralph Molina (drums) burning next to the almost sixty year old young person (Young).

It is not accidental, then, that in same night Hey Hey My My was heard twice -- the song of Neil Young who is almost one with the history of Rock. "The king is gone but he's not forgotten / Is this the story of Johnny Rotten" sang Neil -- accompanied by the ring of white noise -- bringing to mind that night in '77 when Elvis Presley died while the Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten lived on to play. Before Neil, Oasis also played the song and a heart-felt interpretation by Noel Gallagher brought a special brightness to the phrase "It's better to burn out than it is to rust." Just what Kurt Cobain wrote in his suicide note before he flew away.

Oasis, on Thursday demonstrated that they can turn the cliches and dead-rot into something of urgency. They returned to watch Neil Young because they find in this man so similar to Clint Eastwood (physically and conceptually) the superb mirror. The rusticity-like-nobility argument, and the artistic integrity that has rolled like a stone though its own emotional desert.

Young rolls without gathering moss, he is worthy of the game of words: extreme miles and miles of Mojo. That's what the spirit is called by the Indians of the United States, and that is exactly the state that Young reaches when he is posessed by Rock. What Oasis reaches by brutality and haze, Young reaches with a sense of experiencing an eternal noise that began a thousand years ago, long before us, and will continue to the end of the world.

Pure spirit.

(more reviews coming soon...)