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Ahoy Hall
Rotterdam, Holland, July 24, 2001
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--> Michel Keymolen's review.
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The Confirmed Set List
  1. Don't Cry No Tears
  2. I've Been Waiting For You
  3. Love And Only Love
  4. Piece Of Crap
  5. Going Home   * [new this tour]
  6. Hold You In My Arms   * [new this tour]
    Solo/Acoustic set:
  7. From Hank To Hendrix
  8. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  9. Out On The Weekend
  10. Long May You Run   [on pump organ]
    With Crazy Horse again:
  11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  12. Standing In The Light Of Love   [new this tour]
  13. Gateway Of Love   [new this tour]
  14. Hey Hey My My
  15. Sedan Delivery
  16. Like A Hurricane
    Encore 1
  17. Tonight's The Night   *   [on Old Black AND piano]
  18. Come On Baby Let's Go Down Town   *
  19. Rockin' In The Free World   *
  20. Powderfinger   *
    Encore 2
  21. Down By The River   *
  22. Roll Another Number (For The Road)   *
  23. Going Home   * [new this tour]
* Pegi and Astrid backup vocals on these songs

Ahoy Hall
Rotterdam, Holland, July 24, 2001

early report by Andre Terhorst

Tonight´s show in Rotterdam was the last blast in the tour, and what a blast it was. After the outstanding show Neil and the Horse put on last month in Rotterdam, I thought it was hardly possible to top that. However, do not underestimate a master....he did it !!!!

With a Great Bang they ended the European tour with an excellent setlist. 23 songs, clocking in at exactly .... 3 hours!!! Highlights:

Looking at their faces, the band had a really, really good time. As did the audience -- they went absolutely beserk near the end.

Gosh, we already got the one-off performance of Opera Star last time, now we got this!!!

Keep on Touring In The Free World....´

Ahoy Hall
Rotterdam, Holland, July 24, 2001

review by Michel Keymolen

I've just come back from the (second) show in the Ahoy, and it was unbelievable. I mean what can I say? Neil and the guys were really up for it. I don't know how long they played, but that doesn't matter. It just went on and on. 23 songs!!!

And the crowd loved it. Almost every song got a huge response, especially the acoustic songs and the encores. I saw the show in Gent, which was good, but this time I was really blown away. The atmosphere was electric, and so was the band. After all it was the last European show! The band felt it, and they played some fantastic stuff.

Highlights for me were (before the encores):

As for the encores, well, every song was just a gift. Just look at the list and I think you'll agree: The band played great the whole show, with the two backing vocalists giving some of the songs that extra spark. I'll never forget this night.

Thanks Neil.