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Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, Nov 10, 1996

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The set list

  1. Hey Hey My My
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Slip Away
  4. Stupid Girl
  5. Big Time
  6. The Needle and the Damage Done
  7. Out Of My Mind
  8. Heart of Gold
  9. Scattered
  10. Cinnamon Girl
  11. The Loner
  12. Cortez The Killer
  13. Music Arcade
  14. Rockin' In The Free World
  15. Like A Hurricane
  16. This Town
  17. Sedan Delivery
  18. Roll Another Number For The Road

Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, Nov 10, 1996

review by Barry 7 Year Warranty Gillott

Hey gang,

Some reflections on the Buffalo Experience...

Driving to Buffalo:

  • Roads started out dry in Rochester, gradually turned to icky sloshy gooey stuff by the time we reached the outskirts of Buffalo. We went slowly however, and Sandy Hair's Plummobile stayed where it belonged. (And Saturn names its colors after fruits?)

    Buffalo Rustfest:

  • - (((see RustFest report)))


  • Note to The Great Bullfighter: I saw a mirror ball hanging high.
  • Great unobstructed seats: High, but not too high (the SEATS, I said).
  • It was mucho funnerado singing Happy Birthday To Neil!!
  • As soon as I got my sparkler lit, a Security guy slinks all the way to my seat (9th from the aisle) and makes me put it out. This was apparently a dual-pronged attack, as other Rusties were simultaneously getting barraged by Security from the other side. I have a slight burn on my finger to remind me of this heinous occurence. I will refrain, however, from using the term "Sparkler Nazis". Doh!   :)
  • After standing for 2-1/2 hours in Hamilton, it was kinda neat to sit down after Hey Hey My My. Don't worry, I didn't fall asleep. Seats were fairly comfortable, and I really dug those built-in cup holders.
  • Are we nuts, or didn't Neil play Music Arcade? Possibly in between Cortez and RITFW. Haven't seen this song mentioned in the other setlists posted. We took notes, but they could be incorrect...
  • I too was surprised at Neil's use of a Strat-like guitar on This Town. He looks odd to me with anything other than a Les Paul (or a Martin).
  • The show seemed MUCH shorter than Hamilton.
  • The Horse seemed the tightest (to me) I've seen them.
  • Sedan Delivery really rocks! (only took me 17 years to realize this)
  • In Cortez, right after the line, "What a killer", the stage lights were ALL RED. Wow! Anybody else remember this?
  • There were several instances of extremely fast strumming/slashing, the obligatory string breaking and other stage atrocities, including the previously-posted misuse of candles, which caused much shoulder tapping accompanied by the urgently invoked phrase, "CHECK THIS OUT!".
  • We took several pictures (from our seats) with flash this time (and didn't get caught). We'll let you know how they turn out.
  • After the show, it was fun watching Mary and the others making their way down to the stage, delivering the card to Zeke.

    Walk back:

  • Brrrrrrr.
  • Sorry we ran out on the rest of the group -- we thought we were behind you, so we walked faster. We enjoyed seeing everyone again and hope we can hook up in a future RustFest. I'll bring guitar and harps along (Sandy will bring her voice). Until then, thanks for all the memories.

    7 Year Warranty

    Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, Nov 10, 1996

    review by Charlene Welfare Mother King

    Hello, friends and rusties,

    This is Charlene, the once Welfare Mother, and I am posting this setlist to the rust list, and to others who may want to see it. Here is a setlist; in a separate post, I will tell how excellent was this ending concert of the 1996-97 North American leg of the Broken Arrow Neil and Crazy Horse tour. Remember, you all were "there."

    Openers: Pete Droge (I missed them)
    Moist (Pretty good band for people who are still literally wet behind the ears. My kids thought they were cool, but my sister said, "Are they called moist because they keep licking one another?)

    And, here it is, as fresh as I can get it to you after driving home through a blinding snowstorm that made a half-day trip turn into mostly an all-nighter plus half dayer)

    THE SETLIST: ----------
    (see above)

    After RITFW, people down front were looking around and pointing at the MORE BARN banner as the house lights came up. Boy can those MORE BARN people pogo!

    This was the only point in the concert when my two elementary-school-age sons -- experiencing their first rock concert ever -- really came alive. Natch. Actually, they kept asking for ITO.

    After LAH, I take back a lot of what I said in my "Bad Mojo in Cleveland" post about the theatricality of it ... I see something else now, too. However, I still think it mostly does not work, but won't go so far as to say it sucks.

    At the end, Neil and Pancho and Billy (and Ralph?) came out, arm in arm, held their joined hands aloft, and left. The house lights came up and...the crowd gave up!

    Neil brings the Buffalo scoreboard crashing down!!!!!!

    report by Joe Trisolino

    Hey Rusties,

    Neil plays the brand new Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, and one week later the million dollar scoreboard crashes to the ice below! Obviously the steel cables that suspended it were not enough to withstand the sonic onslaught of the Horse!!!!!!!!!!

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