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Camden, NJ, August 16, 1996

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--> Steve Freedom Kirsch's Review
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The Set List

    electric with band
  1. Hey Hey, My My
  2. Sedan Delivery
  3. Big Time
  4. Slip Away
    solo acoustic
  5. The Needle & The Damage Done
  6. Heart of Gold
  7. Sugar Mountain
    electric with band
  8. Cinnamon Girl
  9. F*!#in' Up
  10. Cortez The Killer
    solo acoustic
  11. Music Arcade
    electric with band
  12. Like A Hurricane
    first encore
  13. This Town
  14. Welfare Mothers
  15. Rockin' In The Free World !
    second encore
  16. Roll Another Number

Rockin' In Camden (August 16, 1996)

review by Powderfinger & Thrasher

Rusted out units,
Powderfinger here...

Neil & The Horse played yet another great show, tonight in Camden, across the river from Philly. And there was a Ton o' Rusties there. :) Here's the set-list... (See above.)

Thrasher here...

Another good night for Neil & the Horse. We had a major Rusty tailgate affair pre-show and post-show We had Cherry, Wesman, Shakey, Youngster, Powderfinger, bh, Ram Rod, The Ocean, MoMo (from France!) and numerous others.

Only one new song added to the setlist tonight - RitFW. After seeing the first six shows, all I can say at this point is that I'm totally whipped. It's interesting to see the tour develop. Much will be written about the lack of variation in sets. Nevertheless, the intensity of the standards is still there.

I've got 2 more shows - Hershey & Toronto. It's been great meeting so many terrific Rusties. I'll miss my road trip buddies Shakey & Youngster who are off to see another 7 shows.

Neil wore an OPL Echos t-shirt. No MORE BARN yet. A few more Barns were spotted at the show.

Camden, August 16, 1996

review by Steve Freedom Kirsch
Yeah, OK, so it was more generic of a setlist than I would've liked, but on the other hand, hearing Sedan Delivery so far up in the set was great...a real kick in the butt to the energy level, which was already nearly sky-high. I know that there seems to be a general split on the list as to whether the extended 13-minute Slip Away is boring or earthshattering. Well count my vote in the latter category. Neil's solo took me to places no other guitar player does...dynamic shifts that had me soaring somewhere a couple hundred feet over my seat. Wow. But I feel the same way about Cortez, the one song I could never tire of hearing tour after tour. Neil's solos stopped time on that one as well.

Other highlights for me were....well...**everything**. I haven't been so totally transfixed at a show in a long time. I suppose the second row seats had a lot to do with it....seeing every expression of joy, intensity or both on the faces of Neil and the Horse was unbelievable. These guys love playing together and somehow, night after night, transmit that joy and intensity to the crowd...especially on the extended jams. What a band.

It was also nice finally putting faces on some of the names on the list. I first ran into Dangerbird before the show, and then heard a "Hey, More Barn!" behind me out by the concessions after the Gin Blossoms' set, and there was Shakey introducing himself and directing me to the crowd of Rusties outside... whereupon i met like 12 of you in what seemed like the next 25 seconds. :) (Heard a passerby say, "Why do all of their shirts say More Barn?") After too short of a time it was time to head back to the seats... Hope there's a Rustie gathering in the future where I have a little more time to hang out. What a nice bunch of people (but we all knew that, I guess :) )

Oh one last thing.... on the opening bands. Don't know how good the Ben Folds Five sounded back further, but down in front they were fun. I think they were probably a poor choice for a shed tour, 'cause they really seem more geared to small club shows, but i liked 'em nonetheless. The real surprise for me was the Gin Blossoms' set. I like a few of their songs on disc, but frankly I expected a bunch of pretty-boy faux superstars who would annoy the hell out of me. Instead (again down in front, anyway) they rocked hard with no BS. The first words out of the singer's mouth were "Hey, we're the Gin Blossoms and we'll be out of your way really soon," whereupon they stepped on the gas and took off...no posing, no crap, just a real tight, band out to prove themselves worthy of being on a bill with Neil. I was impressed.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I wish I was seeing more shows on the tour, but those $40 tix are a little steep...I'll have to be satisfied with the near-perfection I witnessed last night. :)


Camden, August 16, 1996

review by Mike Rustie Ryko Campion

Hello All, just a few quick lines about the Camden show.

The first Rustie (MORE BARN!) I ran into was Lookout Joe. When I introduced myself the first thing he said is, "So you're Rustie Ryko, I wanna buy you a beer!". With all the trading I do I didn't remember, but a couple months ago when he was new to Rust he posted a grovel for the OPL tapes. He said I was the first of many Rusties to get back to him offering to copy the tapes for blanks. I think he was just as surprised as I was, when I was new here, what a GREAT bunch of people Rusties are!

We talked for a while and then ran into a large group of No Barners! Many quick introductions were made, the intros were too many and too quick to remember. I really wish we would have had time to all sit around and chat/PARTY for a while.

On our way back to our seats for Neil, my wife & I ran into Lauren ~~The Ocean~~ and her fiancee. More nice people! (I really wish I could have DJed for your wedding Lauren, would have been fun!)

This was my wife Anne's first Neil concert (we've only been married 2 years). We are expecting our first child in January, so that makes her 18 weeks. She hasn't felt any movement up to this point, but guess what? Yup, NEIL GOT OUR BABY MOVING!!!!! On the drive back to Lancaster after the show my wife felt some mild movement!! I think the baby was kicking for one more tune!!

The concert was a BLAST! Words cannot describe the HIGH it put me on! Neil Young & Crazy Horse, you guys are the GREATEST!


Mike Campion, aka: Rustie Ryko

"I read the movie and I saw the book..."
Camden, August 16, 1996

review by Pete Culliney

..so sang Neil tonight in Camden, NJ.

It was right after HHMM, and before Big Time, Slip Away, Needle, Heart of Gold, Sugar Mountain, Cinamon Girl, Fuckin Up, Cortez, Music Arcade, Like a Hurricane, This Town, Welfare Mothers, Rockin in the Free World, and Roll Another Number.

No one will deny the force of The Horse. This was my first show back in the States, and I was in sec 201, Row T, seat 12. (Randy, where were you?) It was a BIG difference from that swell European "general admission"!

I also don't like the way everybody sits down at this kind of show. I want to be on my feet -- and I was, most of the time. All aside, I could see great and really just had my first good look at Ralph -- who, by the way churned out some crazy rythms during LAH tonight, to really cap off his glorious pounding.

In case I havent said it before: THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. No exageration, not one bit. Pick a band, any band... head to head, The Horse will eat them alive. In a sick kind of way, though, I'd like to see them really suck one night just to know they can do it.

Night after night with a pretty standard set list, the Horse will still rip your mind out. And it's the songs they play every time that are the sickest. Fuckin Up is always nuts. Don't even think about Like an Earthquake ... uh ... Hurricane or any of the tunes from BA.


Well enough mad ravings... To all of the Rusties we met: I'm sorry we lost each other during the trip to the parking lot. And Brad, you would be proud of the sea of MORE BARN shirts.

Good night, sleep tight, let the Crazy Horse bite.


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