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Great Woods (Mass), August 22, 1996

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The Set List

  1. Hey, Hey, My My
  2. Powderfinger
  3. Big Time
  4. Slip Away
  5. The Needle and the Damage Done
  6. Long May You Run
  7. Heart of Gold
  8. Sugar Mountain
  9. The Loner
  10. Cinnamon Girl
  11. Fuckin' Up
  12. Cortez The Killer
  13. Music Arcade
  14. Like a Hurricane
  15. This Town
  16. Sedan Delivery

Great Woods (Mass), August 22, 1996

review by Mike Jones

Before The Show

Unfortunately, I took the risk of waiting to get a seat until the office opened that day (I had a 23rd row center seat I declined to buy the previous night). I got a 23rd row seat right of center at the box office that day.

Arena Rating:4(1-The Pits; 5- Intimate)
The arena has no orchestra seats, and as a consequence a 23rd row seat is actually pretty good. I felt the sound acoustics were very good.
Security Rating:3(1-Lazy ; 5 - Gestapo)
Security was not over zealous as is the case in other venues.
Parking:5(1-No Problem ; 5 - Bring the Camper)
Parking was the worst of the Tour so far. It is hampered by concrete barriers that are difficult to get around even with no traffic. It took about 1.5 hours to leave the place after the show.

The Tour Vendors have found their T-shirt winner. The World Tour tie dye shirt is now up to $35!! And to think it only cost $25 in Raleigh!! This shirt is VERY encouraging though. It is the only one printed with 'World Tour 96/97' on it. Hmm, what's the '97 part?? Also, at some point the Album cover shirt dissappeared and was replaced by a shirt with teepees on one side. Wow, I got a T-shirt that is a collectable before the Tour even ended!!

During The Show

The previous night both Jewel and Neil were off. Both acts seemed rushed. Tonights show was much better for whatever reason. Jewel played the song about Braintree, Massachusetts (suprisingly absent the first night) and she did not rush through Chime Bells (the yodel song). (Chime Bells is a song that always brings the house down. Even though I have heard a few times, it still walls me).

(ASIDE: I found out that Jewel recorded part of her album at Neil's studio, which can't be a bad thing for a new artist).

Neil also only played 14 songs the previous night, which is probably the bare minimum to ward off audience revolt. Neil more than made up for it this night playing 16 songs, with key changes in the set structure, including some suprises.

The Setlist
(electric set)
HHMM The same opener for the whole tour upto this point. For me, I never get tired of this one.
Powderfinger Unexpected here. Still a great song wherever it's played.
Big Time My favorite of BA before the tour. No. 2 now.
Slip Away The song that stole the Tour. I just can't get enough of the jam at the end, when most of the audience is fidgeting and I am in space somewhere. The jam is not the same each show. Neil really got into this one.
(accoustic set)
TNATDD Despite the mixed feelings rusties feel, I think the audience expects this classic. What impresses me about his performance was that it reveals how Neils voice has been so consistant for all these years.
LMYR Neil slipped this one in after getting his harmonica. Personally, one of my favorites. I cannot look at my car without thinking about this song, especially since it got me to most of the shows.
Sugar M.
The audience was very happy with these songs, and I was happy hear 4 acoustic songs in a row! Neil also stopped near the end of SM to involve the audience.
(electric set)
The Loner Awesome, totally unexpected. The first time I have heard this one live.
Cinnamon Girl
Fuckin' Up
No surprises here, but Fuckin' Up kicked ass as usual.
(accoustic song)
Music Arcade Really too mellow of a song for this Tour. Neil tries to sing it slow, but he just got done Fuckin Up and Cortez. I prefer the album version to the live one (in this Tour).
(electric song/encores)
LAH Neil does a new twist on this song, and I enjoy it every time I see it. He is getting smarter about the candle trick though. He dumped out the melted wax before he blew it out.
This Town My BA #2 favorite before the Tour. I enjoyed hearing this one.
Sedan Delivery An expected favorite. What I did not expect was that he would end the show on this one. Where's RAN??? But hey, he did play 16 songs, so I am not complaining.
After The Show

I lost my car. Ok though since I had time to kill anyway due to the mess the whole parking situation is. While I was waiting, a concert goer called in to the local radio station on cellular and remarked how much she enjoyed the show, including The Loner. Hear, Hear!


Great Woods (Mass), August 22, 1996

review by Eric DREAMER Leighton

I arrived with my wife, two boys (8 & 10) and my brother and wife at the 8/22 show at 5:30 looking for the gathering as it was to be, and was unable to find anyone. Jennie had given me some info that included balloons and I saw none. Looked for MORE BARN! shirts and found none. After going around the parking lot twice, I went inside at about 6:00 to the Garden Cafe, which was a nice place to hang out but never saw anyone from our Rust-List. That was disappointing as I arrived early just for that purpose, taking some flak from my wife for wanting to see people I did not know, as she sees it.

Anyway, I was saved somewhat when Jennie came over to my seat to say hello, and pointed out Mike and his wife in the row behind me, whom I had communicated with prior and was aware he would be there close. Then to top that all off she said they would be outside the turnstiles after the show and I still seemed unable to meet the others. Frustrating.

Anyway, the show...

I have been to 9 previous shows starting with the Rust Never Sleeps tour in LA in 78, my personal favorites being that first one. Then on the Ragged Glory tour which I saw 3 of, and then the Harvest Moon shows. I do not rate this up near the top. I last saw Neil with Booker T. and the MGs and was a little disappointed with that. This show I thought was good, but I personally don't think that they were in their best form together.

Another thing I am always frustrated with is the crowds lack of silence during acoustic numbers -- some crowds being worse than others. I believe this crowd was worse than most, and I was livid over the hooting and hollering during Music Arcade. The crowd was noisy in general but did not give a strong encore call. Perhaps this is why he only did 2 numbers, when he prior was doing 3-4 and sometimes was called back twice.

My favorites were the new stuff, as I've heard the others before and better. Big Time and This Town were good, and Music Arcade was drowned out by the crowd from where I sat. Like some others have previously reported, I found Slip Away to be a little bit of a drag, but that could have been cured maybe if I was up close.

I still don't get tired of Cinnamon Girl, it has always been one of my favorites, as is Powderfinger. I have seen LAH much more intense, but more volume may have helped that.

I had very high expectations, maybe too high.

I still have three shows here on the west coast to go to, so unlike the case of most east-coaster's it is not over. Now that I have been "let down", I can sit back and enjoy whatever comes my way. Since, in my opinion, this show wasn't quite "all together", maybe I'll still get a show that is.

It was overall a good experience though, and I was glad to hear Long May You Run (another of my favorites). That's how it went for me.

aka Eric

Mansfield Random Musings
Great Woods (Mass), August 22, 1996

review by Omar Lone Red Rider Zia

  • Neil's appearence: Hair noticibly greyer. Legs much more muscular than in the 70s. Still quite energetic... Bald spot growing...

  • Voice: He sounds younger than ever. Especially during Cortez when he was singing much more "in his head," giving it the sound of a 1975 performance. Vocals mixed up much more in this show than on Broken Arrow.

  • Playing: Neil is much more sonic mayhem and much less note specific than he's ever been, except for the lyrical Roll Another Number and maybe one or two others. His guitar really rattled in Music Arcade.

  • Biggest surprise of the show: He changed the lyrics of Heart Of Gold back to "it's these expressions I never give..."

  • Favorite musical moments for me: Sedan Delivery -- I was beginning to think they couldn't play fast stuff any more. Also, the groove on Big Time.

  • Moment of the night: Shaking Pegi's hand. Thanks to Shakey for vigilantly catching her attention. She thanks Rust for our support.

  • Another cool thing: Finally meeting Shakey... Nice, although brief.

  • Downer: Only 2 encores... I've been spoiled.

    more later maybe.....


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