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Date of show: June 15 (Postponed! See Press Release)

Venue: Provinssirock Festival

City/Town (nearest): Seinajoki, Finland

Also appearing:
Peter Green and The Splinter Group
Ticket Prices: Sunday ticket is 210 FIM (available in advance from Lippupalvelu throughout Finland, or at the gate).
Tickets on sale: ?
Seating chart: (n/a)

Getting there: Getting there is easy by railway (to Seinajoki) and there even are some special trains that are (I think) half the price cheaper. The organisers have promised to organise a bus-connection from the Seinajoki railwaystation. A two-way trainticket Helsinki-Seinajoki- Helsinki is about 300 FIM.

Other info: The festival runs June 13 through 15. "Provinssirock will be arranged for the 19th time as a three-day event in 1997. The reformed Festival will continued the top class programme of earlier years. In addition to the finnest Finnish and international performers, there will also be an opportunity to enjoy theatrical and other performances within the Festival area, which is located in the scenic festival park of Törnävänsaari. There is a camping site in the immediate vicinity of the park. Provinssirock is known for its pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. The Festival area will included an exhibition point, the so-called Hyde Park area, for various voluntary organisations. Good quality catering and restaurant services will also be readily available."

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