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(updated Tuesday, 14-Aug-2018 17:55:59 AEST)
Date of show: June 23 (Postponed! See Press Release)

Venue: Wiesen

City/Town (nearest): Wiesen, Austria (Vienna area)

Also appearing:
Ticket Prices: Aprox 390 Austrian Schillings/ 60 DM
Tickets on sale: Already on sale.
Seating chart: (n/a)

Getting there: ?

Other info: "Wiesen is a very small village, and the venue is also called Wiesen. If you go to Wiesen you will directly come to the venue, which is in the woods and very beautiful. BTW another small village called Rust is just 20 min away from Wiesen."

(more to be added)

Rust Info
Coordinator: (n/a)
RustFest: (n/a)