Miscellaneous Stuff
  • Please send me mail if you have any news to add or to correct for any show. Please try to include a source for your info.

  • Here's the official H.O.R.D.E. site.

  • Also see the "Bad News Beat" tour page.

  • For another page dedicated to the planned European shows this year, see Baron Rouge's Comet in the Sky page.

  • The NYAS also listed the Euro-dates and is was trips to a few shows. See the NYAS pages for info.

  • Norbert Nobby Knape had a "meeting registry" for those going to the shows in Europe. Check it out.

  • All the details about The 1996 Tour, including over 200 reviews and stories, are available on their own pages here on HyperRust.

  • Be sure to check the RustFest pages for all the Fests associated with the Tour!