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HORDE at Sandstone
Kansas City, Missouri, July 23, 1997

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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set
    (no set)

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  1. Hey Hey, My My
  2. Crime In The City
  3. Hippie Dream
  4. Big Time
  5. From Hank To Hendrix
  6. The Needle And The Damage Done
  7. Buffalo Springfield Again     [New Song]
  8. Down By The River
  9. Modern World     [New Song]
  10. Tonight's The Night
  11. Sedan Delivery
  12. Rockin' In The Free World
  13. Mansion On The Hill     [encore]

HORDE at Sandstone
Kansas City, Missouri, July 23, 1997

review by Dave & Robn

We added to our trunks of memories at the KC HORDE. Here are our impressions...

We got there way early and we waited at the acoustic stage. Sure enough, here comes Larry with the pre-war Martin, 2 cokes, and a big smile. He is a really friendly guy and he talked to us for awhile. It turns out Neil was a no show because word had it he was out buying new scenery for the trains at the local hobby shop.

And what a train set up it is, definitely go and see it if you get a chance. Zeke showed us the remote control with the Big Red Button and he said he was real glad his dad made it for him. He said that the layout they have at home is gigantic. I think Zeke got kinda spooked when somebody asked him to give something to his dad, after that he left and didn't come back for a few hours. But he was on the side of the stage for Ben Folds Five, though, and he told us later that he likes them. They were, in our humble opinion, smokin'.

The HORDE train is cool and they had a 1950's vintage silver Amtrack. Oh, and one of the buildings says "All clear to Lionel city" in the voice of the man himself every time the train goes by!

Oh yeah, Neil played some songs too. He sang with passioniate conviction and he played like his hands were on fire. The Horse was incredibly tight, and seemed to be enjoying themselves. These guys have evolved into one of the most amazing bands in rock (in our humble opinion, of course) while losing none of their garage band coolness.

Neil was jumping all over the stage and giving old black quite a thrashing. They started with Hey Hey My My and then did a scorching version of Crime in the City, and an intense Hippie Dream. I didn't write down the setlist but there was a long and passionate Down By The River, and an even longer and just as passionate Tonights The Night.

The acoustic set was Hank to Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield Again and Needle. Neil had a little trouble starting the Buffalo song. He said something like "I haven't played this one for very long" -- strums - "Not for very long at all. Well this may take a little while..." Then he strummed the chords for a few measures and sang the song flawlessly (as far as we could tell since we hadn't heard it).

So he does Sedan Delivery and Rockin' in the Free World and the lights on the stage go bright. Off they go. Until ENCORE... A rousing and gourgeous Mansion on the Hill. Our night was complete. I think Mansion was the last song we listened to in the car before we went in, so that was perfect.

I last saw Neil on the Booker T tour and I think he just keeps getting better (even if he doesn't keep getting younger). It is inspiring to see him display such passion and enthusiasm. When he says Rock'n'Roll Will Never Die, you can tell he means it. And when the Horse makes such beautiful, ground shaking noise, you believe it. You believe it and you wish the show would never die.

It was blisteringly hot, and the beer was cheap vintage at high prices. You could go unconscious, though, if you drink too much beer in that weather, so it's probably for the best. ;)

Oh and if you're wondering: Neil wore shorts, a Lionel T and a Lionel cap.

. . . Dave & Robn
. . . On to Wisconsin

(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)