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HORDE at Wolf Mountain
Park City, Utah, July 15, 1997

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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set
  1. Everybody's Alone
  2. Unknown Legend
  3. Pocahontas
  4. Out on the Weekend
  5. Heart of Gold

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  6. Hey Hey, My My
  7. I'm The Ocean
  8. Hippie Dream
  9. Cortez The Killer
  10. From Hank To Hendrix
  11. Buffalo Springfield Again     [New Song]
  12. Someday
  13. Slowpoke     [New Song]
  14. Crime In The City
  15. Modern World     [New Song]
  16. Don't Spook The Horse
  17. Homegrown
  18. Country Home
  19. Rockin' In The Free World

HORDE at Wolf Mountain
Park City, Utah, July 15, 1997

mini-review by H.D.

Well folks, it's 12:30 AM and I just got in from the show. I'll make this quick as I'm still overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of today.

I saw Neil do one acoustic song, I got to the Horde-O-Culture stage just in time to hear a beautiful Heart of Gold. He's looking so good and his voice is really strong. Anyway, he did this before the first band played on any of the stages. My advice to those of you who can is to go early, and be cool about this, it's such a treat, I'd hate to see overenthusiastic behaviour sour Neil on this. Hopefully someone else was there for the entire set and can shed more light on it than I can.

I'll not comment on the other bands other than to say this is a great line up, if you enjoy music, you'll enjoy all of them to some degree.

The electric set was just amazing, the band was tight, loud, and seemed to be having a great time. I'm not prepared to do a setlist. Highlights for me were Cortez, Hippie Dream, and the new acoustic one that's been refered to as Slowpoke. No Powderfinger or LAH at this show.

And with this bit of rambling I'll close and sleep but not before I tell you folks that those of you yet to see this show are in for a real treat. Enjoy.


HORDE at Wolf Mountain
Park City, Utah, July 15, 1997

mini-review by Damon Ogden's Friend

I had a friend who went. Here is his email to me:

It was, of course, an excellent concert.

The festival was scheduled to begin at 3:30. I had to wait for my bro to make some alternate arrangements for some obligations he had, but we still managed to make it by 3:30. Unfortunately, apparently Neil played on the little stage from 3:00 to 3:30, so we missed that. What a drag, but it couldn't be helped.

The rest of the festival was pretty mediocre. I liked Big Head Todd quite a lot. You're right, Primus is absolutely terrible. The weather was perfect. etc.

As I mentioned, I got the tickets the day before the show. What I didn't mention was what I didn't know at the time -- the seats were 7th row center, right in front of Neil! By far the best tickets I've ever had for a concert. I've made longer putts than the distance I was from Neil and Crazy Horse. I didn't write down the songs, i'm afraid, but I do remember what he played. (See set lists above.)

Before a new song (Modern World) -- I don't think they've played it much -- he said they were going to try something out on us. He started a chant of "good luck." Neil put down his guitar and only played harmonica on this song. It was a good song.

There was no encore, which was a joke. He could have at least played Cinnamon Girl or something.

Overall, a very enjoyable concert. There were a lot of people there. They must have just released a block of seats before I went in to buy ours. I have no doubt that i'll never have seats like that again.

(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)