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HORDE at The Meadows
Hartford, CT, August 6, 1997

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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set
    no set

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  1. Hey Hey, My My
  2. Crime In The City
  3. Hippie Dream
  4. "improv jam"
  5. Fuckin' Up
  6. This Note's For You
  7. From Hank To Hendrix
  8. Ohio
  9. Rockin' In The Free World
  10. Slip Away
  11. Sedan Delivery
  12. Mansion In The Hill     [encore]

Live Report From The Festival (~3pm)

Early Report by Jennie & Phil

Hey Rusties!!!!!!!!!!!!   8)

Jennie and Phil here, from the Meadows in Hartford. No solo acoustic set today...   :-(   While Neil was playing with the trains, Shakey asked him about it. Neil said his throat was bothering him, so he wouldn't be playing the workshop set today. I wonder if that Tinley Park Hurricane was such a good idea! Well, maybe so for the Rusties who were there, Phil says!!!!! But maybe not for Neil's voice...

Okay -- Phil's turn!!!!!!

Well,it was pretty cool to watch Neil work the trains. But, bummer about the solo set...that's what I really came here for. Oh,well... I'll find somewhere to sleep until the Horse take the stage!!!!

Phil Maxfield
Jennie :-) (usually at MIT...)

Live Report From The Festival (~6pm)

Later Report by Shakey & Loose Change

Hey all
Youngster, Loose Change and me (Shakey) here to report. No acoustic set from Neil. I asked and he told me his throat was bothering him. We all watched him work on the train set and I requested Feel Your Love for Jones Beach and Mediteranean for Holmdel. He laughed both times and looked at me like I'm strange (well...) I offered him 10 bucks and he laughed.

I got some great photos, too. Doriann, Bob, Ray, Jim, Hippie Girl Smile, Bikeralane, Leo E, Frank, Lonesome Whistle, and Jennie were all there. I may have missed a few people, sorry. We are having a blast.

Here is Joe to add to the report ("Mike don't do dat")...

OK I'll be quick. First, I've never was so close to the man than when Shakey was talking to him. He also made a joke about the flowers he was planting around the tracks, saying something like they were K-MART flowers. After Shakey asked about the acoustic set, Youngster offered him cough drops, he respond "What? Oh... no thanks..."

I actually liked Mudhen. And Toad. That's all for me.

Mary Maguire is also with us as we post, but she is too stubborn to add anything. :-)

bh is here with us in spirit.

Live Report From The Festival (~7:30pm)

Even Later Report by Mary Maguire

It's a beautiful day here in Hartford. I had a front row seat for the start of Kula Shaker earlier (thanks to Frank & Leo), and I was rather impressed (although I got kicked out of those seats during the third song and spent the rest of their set chatting with Arc in the Rustrow).
The Ordinary People banner's been hung at the back of the lawn all afternoon, blowing in the breeze... A fellow from Japan dropped by to ask about our MORE BARN! shirts, and I gave him instructions for joining Rust. He may end up at the IRF this year, making it a truly international event.

I'll sign-off now...Beck starts in five. If you haven't seen Beck, you're in for a real treat. That sailor suit is to die for. I am indeed smitten.

]]]]] Lonesome Whistle^ [[[[[

P.S.: Talking to the Lionel guy this afternoon, I mentioned Andy's theory about GW#2 (that because the trains would be already set up, Neil would have no excuse to play in the tent, and would have to do an extra-long acoustic set). The Lionel guy agreed. Let's hope (pray?)

HORDE at The Meadows
Hartford, CT, August 6, 1997

review by Steve Ganis

I placed my bet on an acoustic Neil set and lost. I arrived early to find the Neilmeister was busy setting up the Lionel trains, while manager Elliot Roberts and New York Times music reporter/arts critic Jon Pareles were talking it up. Once the trains were set up, Neil (wearing that "Tide" detergent shirt) and Pareles dart off for the bus.... Look for a major piece in the New York Times -- maybe in time for the Jones Beach show.

I thought attendance was not strong -- but Hartford has never been good NY territory (they wouldn't book the Broken Arrow tour last summer -- waited until the winter when capacity is smaller).

Our crew of nine held up the Fortysomethings contingent (well, at least five of the nine did). I heard and saw all bands save Morphine. Thankfully, a beautiful day was on hand. But if you bet on an acoustic set and don't get it -- and don't care about the other bands -- better grab your copy of War and Peace and read in the sun.

Toad the Wet Sprocket came off as nice guys -- it would OK for the lead singer to date my daughter (is that good or bad for a rock and roller?) -- I mean, take a look at the guys in Morphine...

It's amazing how Young, the old guy, basically blew all the other bands away. Speaking music, probably the most intense contrast is the way that Les Claypool (Primus' genius in residence) approaches the bass vs. Billy Talbot's approach. Les Claypool, with those Leon Redbone looks, makes wanderers like Phil Lesh and Jack Cassady look like "stay at home" type bassists! Meanwhile, Billy plays 'em one note at a time... Talk about apples and oranges....

As for Neil: the new songs (Slowpoke, Buffalo Springfield Again, We Got to Change, etc.) were not showcased -- and no Mirror Ball songs. We were in "Horse Country", where everything is all one supernatural song. At this point, Neil and the Horse are great even when they're not great.

Acoustic set: This Note's for You, From Hank to Hendrix, Ohio. In Hank to Hendrix, the line "From Marilyn to Madonna" was changed to "From Marilyn to Courtney." Final song: Sedan Delivery. Encore: Mansion on the Hill.

Steve Ganis

(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)