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HORDE at New World Theater
Tinley Park, Illinois, August 3, 1997

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The set list

    Early Solo Accoustic Set (with John Popper)
  1. Homegrown
  2. Roll Another Number
  3. This Note's For You

    Late Crazy Horse Set

  4. Hey Hey My My
  5. Crime In The City
  6. Hippie Dream
  7. Fuckin' Up
  8. Like a Hurricane
  9. Rockin' In The Free World
  10. Tonight's The Night
  11. Down By The River
  12. Powderfinger
  13. Piece Of Crap

Live Report From The Festival

Early Report by Tom Old Man Ostler

Greetings from the New World at Tinley Park, IL.

Neil did the acoustic set!!! Three tunes backed up by John Popper of Blues Traveler. Homegrown, Roll Another Number and This Notes For You.

After last night's 5th row center seats at Alpine Valley, being as close today as humanly possible for the acoustic set, I can now die and go to Rock and Roll Heaven. Well, let's wait until after tonights set.   :)

MTV did a little taping -- Kurt Loder intervewed Neil and John Popper at the Train tent.

And contrary to rumors, Irwin Ganes and I are not twins.

Tom Old Man Ostler

Storm Over Tinley
Tinley Park, Illinois, August 3, 1997

review by Russ Rusty Omens

It's late, but I'll try to get an early report in. Tom Old Man Ostler (missed ya!) reported on the acoustic set already, so on to the evening show...

Neil hit the main stage the same time that an intense thunder storm started. "Nice lights," he commented after HHMM and Crime in the City.

Next up was Hippie Dream. But then -- in the middle of Fuckin' Up -- the power went out! And the rain blew into the pavillion and onto the stage. Neil, of course, never stopped -- the tune went on, albeit without much sound from bass and drums. It was an intense version, not unlike the killer job he did on the tune last year.

Naturally, they proceded to roll in the keyboards and went into Like A Hurricane, bashing and complementing the thunder and lightning. We had to stand on our seats as the water was swirling -- past ankle deep! Rustrows were 5th and 6th row center -- killer, once-in-a-lifetime seats. (Much thanks, Greg, Sheila, and Lookout!).

After the tune, Old Black was left on the stage minus a few strings... Neil was using the storm's energy to just build an immense energy. Any set list was abandoned -- no acoustic or slow numbers, no harp, no TNATDD! Just non-stop rock.

Watching the rain swirl on stage was very trippy. And though the sound was not up to par (they even turned the monitors out to the audience), Neil's voice and Gold Top rang out, and his leads were monstrous... some of the best playing I've heard from him! (Unfortunately, Ralph and Billy were very hard to hear.) Good vibes and smiles from The Horse.

I may mess the order up, but what followed was TTN (with a great "Keep it slow" added), DBTR, Powderfinger, RITFW and Piece of Crap. Most were played at Tinley last year, but these were fiery, heartwrenching, joyous renditions. Neil was very much into the whole thing, and would have played more but for the 10:30 curfew.

I was reminded of reports from The Gorge last year. Someone was on stage filming and panned over the Rustrows. Quite the event -- listening to LAH in the rain, with thunder and lightning for effect! I won't forget this one.

Wish y'all were there!

(more to be added when I can... --RE*AC*TOR)