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Date: Wednesday, March 17
Venue: Memorial Auditorium
City/Town (nearest): Sacramento, California
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Also appearing:
(solo show)

Ticket price Info:
$55, $125 (first 5 rows)
According to BASS, the plan for the $125.00 tickets to include a benefit reception for the Bridge School has been CANCELLED. (Follow-up: On the night of the show, those in the first several rows were personally invited to attend a reception with Neil after the show...)
Tickets sale date info:
Saturday, Feb 13, 10am PST
Seating chart:
Here's one.

Getting there:
Phone: (916)264-5181
Address: 1515 J Street
Here's an interactive map.

Other info:
Courtesy of Tim Costello and Clyde Nagakura:
  • Stage is suposed to be 4'6" high.
  • Floor seating (folding chairs) is flat for the first 2/3, then slopes to 5' above ground in the back.
  • Acoustics are not as good in the portion of the lower "dress circle" seats which extend beneath the balcony dress circle.
  • Best acoustics are 30-35' back on the floor (probably the same as in any venue).
  • There is an orchestra pit between the front row and the stage. This puts at least 10 feet between the stage and front row. No seats are placed in the pit.
  • The floor has the unusual ability to tilt down toward the stage. This puts the front row several feet below stage level, while the back row of the floor is level with the stage.
  • There is no center aisle. There are 3 floor sections, each 14 seats across.

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