Notes about The 1999 Tour pages
  • Levels of certainty for listings:
    Starts with... Rumor = Somebody reported something they heard somewhere, or Neil was included on a "wish list" for a festival.
    v-----Then progresses down one of these columns------v
    Not Likely = After listing a rumored gig, got second-hand info that Neil will NOT appear there. Likely = Various non-official sources assert Neil is committed. Depending on how much I trust the source, I may go ahead and include that show on the "confirmed" list. But to cover my ass, I leave the show marked "likely" until (see below)...
    Not Appearing = Officially de-committed from previously rumored gig. These dates are also "striked out" (like this) in the index that includes the rumored shows. Confirmed = Official web site, news release, or other highly reliable source states commitment.

  • Setting bookmarks to particular Tour lists: Instead of using the link that takes you to the front page, bookmark one of these links...

  • Setting a bookmark to an individual show page's information page (e.g., the nearest show to you) so that it will be displayed when you enter The 1999 Tour pages: The URL to use is listed on the show's info page.

  • Send a note ( if you have any new info on any show. If possible, include URLs to any web site that has more info.