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Neil On Ice
Neil is Everywhere, even Antarctica!

by Errol Cakici a.k.a.I Need A Ride To Tulsa

I have been working in Antarctica for a support group that maintains the U.S. research base, McMurdo Station, in winter. About 150 people dig in for 8 months of isolation while supporting science. We have a bowling alley, a bandroom, 2 bars, a greenhouse and alot of spare time. Once winter starts we are cut off from the world with only E-Mail and phones to contact the outside world.

I was definitely the only hardcore Neil Young fan during the two winters I wintered over, 1996 and 1997. To pass the time, myself and 3 friends formed a Neil Young cover band called Everyman's Band. We gigged at the bar on Saturday nights and sometimes at the nearby New Zealand base; and of course at the numerous room parties. With 50 degree below zero temps, and lots of boredom, live music was always a favorite pastime.

Our first big gig was Neil and Jerry night at the Erebus Club. I did the Neil covers and my friend did Jerry covers. This went over very well with the National Science Foundation station manager, who is a Neil-head himself.

The set list for that night (July 13, 1996) at the bottom of the world was as follows:

  1. Revolution Blues
  2. New Mama
  3. World on a String
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Old Man
  6. Coup De' Ville
  7. Lost in Space
  8. L.A.
  9. On the way Home
  10. Cortez the Killer
  11. Here we are in the Years
  12. The Losing End
  13. The Rent Is Always Due
  14. Walk On

At one time thinking there were no Neil-heads left, I found a great solice in knowing that my friends and I were the Southern-most Neil fans, at the time, in the world. Many nights we would try to stump each other by singing a new Neil song each we time left the bar for home. Singing Ambulance Blues outloud to nobody at the South Pole. Sweet.

Some recordings were made, alot of smiles were made, and the winter was tolerable.

Another all-Neil gig was at Scott Base, Antarctica in 1997. The Kiwi's love Neil, but haven't really gotten past Harvest. Here is another set list, from our Aug. 9, 1997 show:

  1. Old Laughing Lady
  2. The Needle and the Damage Done
  3. Pushed It Over The End (aka, Citizen Cane Jr. Blues)
  4. World On A String
  5. Out On The Weekend
  6. New Mama
  7. Midnight on the Bay
  8. Lost in Space
  9. Fountainbleau
  10. Powderfinger
  11. Homegrown
  12. Pardon My Heart
  13. See the Sky About To Rain
  14. Stupid Girl
  15. Last Trip to Tulsa
  16. Love to Burn
  17. Sedan Delivery

Thanks to the HyperRust for providing us with lost and forgotten lyrics.

The band was a four-piece with drums, rhythm guitar, lead, and bass. The program encourages bands to get together and provide music. With an occasional harmonica or conga sitting in, it became an audience participation jam. Everyman's (and woman's) Band.

Neil is alive and well down under!

    I need a ride to Tulsa.

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