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Anticipating the DAY of the
Year of the Horse

by Mike Currie a.k.a.Lost Dog
posted to Rust on June 16, 1997
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I'm sure I have lots of company out there in being overwhelmed with anticipation today, knowing that I will have Year of the Horse in my hands in about 10.5 hours. And playing it at maximum volume in about 10.6 hours!

Ever since Old Ways came out in 1985, I have had every Neil album either on the release date, or on the first day I knew it existed. Such days are always special. Neil's musical adventures in the 1980's made release days full of surprise, because you never knew if Neil would swerve to the ditch, smash the median, or hit a semi, head on! YOTH won't bring that much adventure, because we know what songs are on it, and have heard them before. Nevertheless, I can think of nothing else tonight.

I am really happy to see the "mediocre" critical reviews of YOTH. How live-Neil could rate less than maximum stars is beyond me, but the more the critics dislike the stuff, the more I seem to like it.

One tough decision is whether to play it in order from the beginning, or to pick the order. Right now I am leaning toward playing Dangerbird first. This is partly because I can't get enough of that song, and partly because I heard this version in Sacramento (thanks again Jimmy boy!).

Last year, I admit to being one of the Rusties who couldn't wait. I had a promo copy of Broken Arrow before it was available commercially. Some Rusties wrote that this might detract from the release day excitement. In hindsight, I feel that it did. Not that my first listen to BA in Quebec wasn't particularly special... Not because I didn't like BA... But simply because of that feeling of being the first idiot in the sound store in the morning ("Hey Fred, it's HIM again!"), then rushing home while the family is out, and CRANKING IT UP.

So, if you think you feel an earthquake tomorrow at 9:10 Pacific Time, fear not ... it's just Dangerbird taking off on my JBL's! A tsunami may follow in a few hours -- so if you live on a coastal inlet, watch for high water!


Lost Dog

A Rust Row At Every Stealth Show

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