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Program Description



The Bridge School is an organization dedicated to ensuring that children with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of assistive technology and the development, implementation and dissemination of innovative educational strategies.


  • To develop innovative educational strategies.

  • To implement best practices in educational programs.

  • To provide professional training and development.


  • We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their maximal potential.
  • We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share knowledge, express feelings, and be heard.
  • We believe that everyone should actively participate in their own learning.
  • We believe that all children should have access to an education that encompasses a broad base of knowledge and experiences.
  • We believe that technology is a tool that provides access to communication and learning.
  • We believe that children, families, and educators must work in partnership in order to effectively support learning.
  • We believe that "communication is the essence of human life" (Webster)


A team-teaching approach pairs a special education teacher and a speech-language pathologist, both with expertise in AAC and computer-assisted instruction, to develop and implement a communication-based curriculum. A small class size is maintained, with a teaching staff to student ratio of 1:2.

Occupational therapy and/or rehabilitation engineering consultation ensures that seating, positioning, access to technology, and mobility issues are coordinated with the child's direct service provider. Movement and dance therapy are provided by a physical therapist on a weekly basis.

Vision consultation is available for the adaptation of learning materials to assist students with visual impairments.


The Bridge School is located on an integrated site in the Hillsborough School District, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bridge School shares this site with a preschool and public elementary and middle schools. Bridge School students are involved in social and academic mainstreaming on-site, in addition to community integration experiences.
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