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A bridge allows us to cross over from one place to another.

Bridge School programs enable physically challenged, severely speech impaired children to cross the threshold to achieving their full educational and social potential.

Just because people don't talk doesn't mean they don't think. We've gotten too used to thinking their potential is limited, when in fact, it can be quite unlimited.

    Pegi Young,
    Bridge School
    Co-founder and Parent

Bridge Dancers

Soaring suspension bridges are wonders of structural engineering and triumphs of technology.

Bridge School programs use adaptive technology and Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) to connect students with the world of learning. Individualized education programs are designed and implemented to meet each student's unique needs.

Like students everywhere, Bridge School students contribute to their own education. The curriculum includes:

  • Language Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
Specific skills, such as competence in using adaptive technology to learn and communicate, are incorporated into each school day.
Bridge Dancers

The carpenter's touch can be
seen and felt in the planks of a
hand-hewn wooden bridge.

At the Bridge School, teachers and staff work hand-in-hand with each student, providing personal instruction and encouragement.

Special education teachers are teamed with speech-language pathologists, all experienced with AAC and computer-assisted education.

Classes are kept small to ensure every student receives caring, individual attention.

Bridge Dancers

Stepping stones become part of the stream,
while at the same time providing passage across it.

Bridge School students have access to and become part of the larger San Francisco Bay Area environment. The school, certified as a "non-public school" by the California Department of Education, shares an integrated site with a public school. Bridge School students participate in social and academic activities with this school, as well as in the surrounding community.

Many of the programs and techniques pioneered at the Bridge School are adaptable and available for use in other settings. Our trained specialists consult with public schools to design and implement programs to meet local needs.

We bring kids to Bridge for a purpose, not for a lifetime.
That purpose is to return them to local schools
with the skills and technology they need.

    Jillian King, M.A.
    Executive Director

Bridge Dancers

Holding hands, we make a bridge between people.

Each student at the Bridge School benefits from a collaborative approach, centered as much around the family as the school. Parents are welcome as an essential part of the learning process. Families participate at school and, through collaboration with staff, enrich communication at home.

An occupational therapist and a vision specialist work with students to ensure access to educational materials. A bio-engineering consultant helps develop individualized mounting and switch design design to enhance each student's ability to use adaptive technology.

Bridge Dancers

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