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Somewhere On A Desert Highway
Photo by David Warrington, The Photo Eye

Buy this poster and help The Bridge School.
Each poster purchased is a $10 (or more) donation!

SOLD OUT     For only $15 you get:     SOLD OUT
  • Sharp, professional print
  • Large 19" x 25" size
  • Very high quality poster paper
  • Rapid shipment in rigid mailing tube
  • Postage included!
  • Reproduction of Neil's signature
  • A Bridge School history and program description
  • Satisfaction from helping the kids at the school
  • (See more details down below.)

    NOTICE: It has come to our attention that an unauthorized re-printing of the signed photo above has been done and a new version of this poster is being sold for much higher prices, with a significant part of the proceeds for personal profit -- NOT TO BENEFIT THE BRIDGE SCHOOL. Please DO NOT support these people -- they are taking advantage of Neil's good graces for other uses than was agreed to...

  • Ordering: Send $15 check, money order or cash (not responsible for lost cash!) in US funds (no "Eurocheques" please) to:
    Bridge School Fund
    1325 Palermo Way
    Lantana, FL 33462
    SOLD OUT NOTE: Additional posters in
    same order save $2 each.

    (add only $13 per additional poster)
    Outside US/Canada: Add $2/poster (one=$17, additional=$15 each).
    Draw a 3" (or 8cm) square on white paper and cut it out. Within the square, CLEARLY write your mailing address. This will be bonded to your shipping tube as your mailing label! If you screw it up, your poster will get lost...
  • In most cases the poster will be shipped within days of receipt of your order.
  • Personal checks from Registered Rusties treated same as cash.
  • Other personal checks will delay shipment of order by at least a week.
  • All posters shipped in rigid .080 thickness shipping tube.

    More About The Poster

    The photo used for this poster was taken by David Warrington, a professional photographer from Oregon who's been snapping Neil for quite some time now (primarily performance photos). He's also snapped the Grateful Dead and other big West Coast bands. He's proud of the fact that a crowd shot he took during a Dead concert became Bill Graham's favorite poster.

    His photo above was quite the accident, though. Turns out that David was on the way to Neil's performance at The Gorge in 1993 (with Booker T & The MGs) when he caught up with Neil & Co. out cruising on bikes. Neil took a wrong exit, David caught up with him and re-introduced himself, and Neil agreed to a few "Somewhere On A Desert Highway" shots.

    (A note about the picture of the poster up above: the distortions near the bottom of the picture are only in the digitized picture - they are NOT present on the actual poster. They were introduced during the scanning process.)

    To my knowledge, this is the first actual "poster" Neil has authorized for sale. (Steve Babineau's photos aren't really "posters", they're enlarged photographic prints.) All of the other Neil posters I've seen weren't produced "for sale", they were produced for promotional purposes (e.g., album or show promotion or advertising).

    Regarding the Rust & Chrome signature, it's my understanding that this is the first time that Neil has made a direct reference, in writing, to the Rust List. Of course he did it in his usual ambiguous way... (Is it really OUR Rust he's talking about? Sure is!   :-)

    About the Harley Davidson motorcycle that Neil is riding: The bike is a Harley "Fat Boy", with custom paint including Dream Catchers and Broken Arrows.

    Money Matters

    Virtually nobody (except The Bridge School) got any profit from this poster:

    All of the contributions above kept the "cost" of the poster very low, to ensure at least a $10 donation per poster while keeping the price for you down to $15.

    To avoid even the slightest possible hint of inpropriety in the handling of the money involved in this project, I opened a seperate checking account for managing the funds ("Bridge School Fund"), and kept "the books" right here on HyperRust for all to see.

    In short: EVERY POSSIBLE CENT went to The Bridge School. I did not start reimbursing my front money until after $2000 in contributions had been made to the school, and I only re-imbursing myself gradually, between donations to the school. It was almost two years before my front-money funds were fully recouped.

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