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Neil Takes My Request

by Jon Neal

Saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse last night at the Great Western Forum.

After the show, I waited next to the tour busses (you should really see Neil's bus: it has two classic Buicks fused to its top) to hopefully catch a glimpse of the man.

After an hour and a half, Pancho and Billy came out, followed by Neil wearing a baseball cap. There were about ten fans there, and most of them wanted autographs. One guy had a album of EKTIN that he wanted Neil to sign. Neil said "So you like this album?" The guy said "Yeah." Neil said "What's on it?" and the guy immediately replied "Cinnamon Girl." So that way, Neil could be sure he was a fan.

Neil was standing about two feet in front of me, and I said "Neil, could you shake my hand?" He did, looked into my eyes, and I said "Neil, I really like Long May You Run, so that's my request for tomorrow night." He kinda nodded. He's a really humble guy in person, with a really quiet, low voice and an unassuming physical stature. He seemed like a regular guy.

I went back to my car and drove out, but realized that his bus was two cars in front of me! So I thought, what the hell, let's follow the bus just for fun. So I stuck on Rust Never Sleeps on the CD player, and followed Crazy Horse down Manchester, up the 405 Freeway to Santa Monica Blvd, and as they pulled over to the Peninsula Hotel, I "got bored and left them there."

What an experience -- following Neil Young as the lyrics to Thrasher played:

As the vulture glides descending,
There's an asphalt highway bending
From libraries and museums,
Galaxies and stars
Through the windy halls of friendship
The rose clipped by the bullwhip...
It was a good night. I'll see you guys tonight at Irvine Meadows.

. . . --Jon Neal, MORNING SON

P.S. If he does play Long May You Run tonight, you guys know who is responsible!!!!!!!

HyperRust Editor's Note: He did!

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