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Ottawa RustFest (Nov. 2, 1996)

Your Host - Adrien Comeau

Pre-Fest Notice

The Fest Call was put out by Adrien Comeau...

Hello fellow rusties,

For those of you coming out to the Ottawa show in the middle of nowhere I'm looking into getting a group rate at one of two hotels/motels located near the Corel Centre.

There are two candidates - a Comfort Inn located about 1 km from the arena and a Best Western in Bells Corners maybe 10 km away. Please let me know if you would like a room and if so, if you would like to share a single, double with somebody or have one of your own.

I'm hoping we will have a little get-together before the show and suggest we meet at one of the two establishments within the Corel Centre: The Hard Rock Cafe or Marshy's (Brad Marsh's place). Again I'll check into a group deal for us Rusties.

I'll be posting some more concrete info on the locations in the next couple of days. Please let me know what you think. Looking forward to meeting y'all.

A bientot,

Adrien (acomeau@magi.com)

More Details:

We will be gathering at Marshy's Bar & Grill located within the Corel Centre around 4:00. Hope everyone will make it!!! I tried to get them to give us a discount but they won't on event days - they won't even take reservations.

  • Directions to the Corel Centre:

    Located between exits 144 and 140 on Highway 417 in Kanata (west of Ottawa) If you're coming in from the West (Kingston, Toronto) you'll be coming in on Hwy 7 or Hwy 16. Highway 7 turns into hwy 417 just west of the Corel Centre while hwy 16 connects to the 417 just east of Kanata. If you're coming in from the direction of Montreal just take the 417 in a westerly direction all the way through Ottawa and Nepean.

  • Accomodations:

    We have a block of 10 rooms reserved for us at the Comfort Inn located at exit 140 off the hwy 417 at a special rate of $64 for a double room 4 adults.

    To reserve a room, call the Comfort Inn at (613) 592-2200 and refer to group # 870 under my name (adrien comeau). If there are any problems, please let me know.

  • Parking:

    Parking at the Corel Centre is free before 3:00 PM on event day after which it is $8.00 per vehicle. For those of you staying at the Comfort Inn, I think it's well within walking distance - especially on a nice day =:) Some of you may even want to go prior to 3:00??

    Keep on Rockin',

    Adrien (acomeau@magi.com)

  • Fest Report

    (Also see the Show Reviews.)

    The Rust Fest was lots of fun - it was really neat to finally meet the people I had only previously met as text on a screen. That's the real power of this list and why it needs to keep going. Hopefully we're done with the shit that went on last month.


    Dave Youngberg's Mini-Report

    RustFest at Marshys at Corel rocked... Hi everybody!!! FYI Bog Turtle should make the name official... you know how a Harvey looks like a Harvey, or a Fred looks like a Fred? Bog Turtle looks like a Bog Turtle...   :-)

    Thanx to Adrien for opening his home to us... comfy carpet, quality underpad, toasty bagels, fine eggs!

    =Dave Y. <-Electric Needle-(=

    Dave Fielder's Mini-Report

    RustFest highlights:

    • Marshys, with it's tons of hockey memorabilia, was a great place to be.
    • Meeting lots more people, most of who's names I've forgotten, but love ya anyways!
    • Talking to Rob (I hope!) from Liverpool, who not only knows his Neil, but also his Beatles!
    • Meeting Adrien, a great guy who organized a great fest.
    • FINALLY signing the "shroud of tourin'" (thanks Andy).
    • The babe that was bartending (sorry, but I AM a single guy!)
    • Playing "name that player" with Lonesome Whistle, and she knows her stuff.
    • Beer.
    • Talking to Electric Needle, which is always, um, an experience.   ;-)
    • Kato - I can't believe the stuff this guy picks up on musically!

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