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Introduction to the Chord/Tab Archive
First see the DISCLAIMERS statement...!

The songs included in this Chord and Tabulature database span Neil's entire career, both released and unreleased. We hope to eventually include virtually all of Neil's songs here.

Be sure to see the Credits page for details about who's worked on this archive.


Submissions to the Chord/Tab Archive
These songs have been carefully verified by members of the rusted-guitars list before being added to this archive. They have NOT been merely copied here from other Chord/Tab databases. All updates, submissions, or corrections should be sent to that list.

Accessing the archive
The Chord/Tab archive is fully integrated with the rest of the data across It's All One Song! When viewing the lyrics and details of any Neil Young song, if Chord/Tab for the song is available, this button will be on the page:
Just click it and you're there....

Using the Song List Generator you always have the option to limit your song lists to songs with Chord/Tab available. So that'll let you generate various lists, including such combinations as

"All unreleased songs that Neil covered (didn't write) for which Chord/Tab is available".
Give with the generator a try. (By the way, here's the results of that query example...)

In lieu of using the Song List Generator, here's the full list of songs for which Chord/Tab is available...

Once a song list is displayed in the frame on the right, a simple click on any song title will take you directly to the Tabulature for that song.

(More details about accessing the archive will be added soon...)


Links into the Chord/Tab Archive
Individual Songs:
Every tab page for every song can be bookmarked for direct access. Just look for the URL to bookmark near the top of the song's Chord/Tab page (it'll be in fairly small print).

The "Latest Additions/Update" List:
The following URL will let you jump directly into the Chord/Tab archive with the "Latest Additions & Updates" list already loaded for you:


Neil's Alternate Tunings
Neil uses non-standard tunings on many of these songs, as documented in each page where applicable. Here's a list of all such songs we're aware of, along with descriptions of the various tunings.

More to come....
Other things (either incomplete or not-yet-documented) to come:
  • Printing
  • Harmonica Tab Info
  • and more...
Stay tuned!